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Thermoron® and Polytetraflon® heat exchangers pfa - ectfe - pvdf - pp - pe Plastics with unlimited possibilities made in germany

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Plastics with unlimited possibilities -Made in Germany- Thermoron® and Polytetraflon® heat exchangers We have been dealing with plastics especially fluoroplastics - for almost 30 years. Experience, creativity, meticulous work and our advisory services have allowed us to become a competent partner of industry. We are offering you not only a complete range of fabrication and delivery in a difficult and extensive area but also comprehensive advice which shall help you to optimally use these plastics for solving varied applications and problems. Please ask us and profit from our longstanding...

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The following main groups of heat exchangers can be differentiated: • Shell and tube heat exchangers • Suspended or plug-in heat exchangers • Multiple heat exchangers • Modular heat exchangers • Round heat exchangers • Mini-heat exchangers Each of these configurations or structural shapes has its special advantages, so that they are designed and offered for specific uses. The hose geometries can also be adapted to the special pressure ratios, in addition to the configurations or structural shapes. Furthermore, individually developed configurations or structural shapes are realizable for...

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Plastics with unlimited possibilities -Made in Germany- Polytetraflon® shell and tube heat exchangers Shell and tube heat exchangers consist of an external shell tube and internal multiple hoses which consist of a large number of hoses of small nominal diameter. The internal hoses are welded in two perforated bases, which are then welded to the external shell tube. The first medium flows through the external shell tube and the second medium flows through inside the hoses. The hotter medium is cooled down and the cooler medium is heated up in this operation. The number of external and...

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Polytetraflon® suspended and plug-in heat exchangers These multiple heat exchangers are a special form of the shell and tube heat exchanger. The external shell tube is utilized as a perforated protective tube in this case or it can be omitted completely. The medium is conducted in two passages through the hoses; the deviation takes place in one of the end caps which is designed as a floating head. The heat exchangers are particularly suitable for vertical or horizontal installation in containers, whenever the space available is limited. The fastening can take place for the specific...

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Plastics with unlimited possibilities -Made in Germany- Thermoron® modular heat exchangers Thermoron® modular heat exchangers are used for the cooling or heating of aggressive liquids in containers. They are completely manufactured from the PVDF, PP and PE materials: whereby a further area of use is covered regarding resistance to chemicals and temperatures. These heat exchangers are manufactured from individual hose modules and standardized components. The hose modules consist of hose spirals, which are inserted into rails and jig-welded with specially developed hose connections to...

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Polytetraflon® flow heaters The flow heaters consist of Polytetraflon® heaters made from electrical tubular radiators encapsulated in PFA within a casing made from PVDF. A contactless level-monitoring device as well as a PT 100 temperature sensor are provided as standard. The heating elements can be optionally equipped with a thermocontrol as protection against overheating. The PFA heating elements are exchangeable individually. The casing is completely made from PVDF. The screwed connections can be equipped for the specific customer. Configurations or structural shapes in which all of the...

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Do you also require electric heaters for heating up aggressive media? Speak to us. Asahi/America Inc. Telephone: 1-800-343-3618 Fax: 1-800-426-7058 E-Mail: asahi@asahi-america.com • Internet: www.asahi-america..com

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