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ASAHI/AMERICA Leak Detection Basics Duo-Pro Engineered Double Containment PolyFlo PP and HDPE Double Containment ProLockTM PVC Double Containment

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS Leak Detection Basics The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has directed underground transport of hazardous materials be protected from release into the environment in its Standard 40 CFR, Part 280 & 281. Our Duo-Pro®, Poly-Flo®, and Pro-Lock™ systems have been specifically engineered to exceed the piping system requirements of the EPA. However, an important additional aspect of the EPA requirement is the specification for leak detection systems in all buried systems. Pressurized systems must have automated leak detection, which are wired to shut-off valves in case...

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS valve to the on position. The system integrity is ensured when no media is present after opening. A solid Dogbone® can be utilized as a means of zoning a system. Systems with solid Dogbones® minimize and compartmentalize area where a leak may occur. This design helps minimize potential costs to find and repair a leak. Manual Leak Detection Features, Benefits and Limitations - Simplified system engineering - Cost effective installation - Relies on manual (human) operation - Locates leaks within a zone or sector of a system - Does not accurately pinpoint leaks - Can be...

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS is then configured with a 90º elbows and a riser. A probe is generally suspended from the riser hanging directly over the low point of the fittings. Asahi/America offers a standard low point leak detection station by part number in its Dou-Pro®, Poly-Flo®, Fluid-Lok®, and Pro-Lock™ systems. Risers are supplied with a 4ft height and shipped loose for field verification and installation. Electronic Low-Point Leak Detection Features, Benefits and Limitations - Simplified system engineering - Cost effective installation - Automated detection process for buried applications...

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS Continuous Cable Leak Detection Features, Benefits and Limitations - Requires engineered location of access ports. - Requires sufficient annular space for pulling of cable; not compatible with Poly-Flo® systems - Precise automated detection ideal for buried applications - Locates leaks within five feet of source - Most costly leak detection option - Cables are generally tied-in at a central alarm location - Can be used with Duo-Pro®, Fluid-Lok®, or Pro-Lock™ Systems Leak Detection Component Supply Program Asahi/America, with its strategic partner Perm-Alert, offers...

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS Dou-Pro® Low-Point Stations Size Code Part Numbers are selected by combining the type code with the size code Pro-Lock™ Low-Point Stations Containment Size Size Code 3" (030) $ 636.40 $ 559.20 $ 973.80 4" (040) $ 720.80 $ 646.40 $ 1,272.70 6" (060) $ 868.40 $ 806.40 $ 1,676.20 8" (080) $ 1,226.10 $ 1,151.10 $ 2,274.30 Part Numbers are selected by combining the type code with the size code PVC & CPVC Low Point Stations are designed to have carrier pipe slip through fitting tee Poly-Flo® Low-Point Stations Size Code Black HDPE PLUG (4481) Asahi/America, Inc. 35 Green...

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Leak Detection Brochure - 7

LEAK DETECTION BASICS PROBES AND SWITCH OPTIONS Series PWS Leak Detection Conductivity Probes The PWS probe detects all conductive liquids - water, acid, bases, chemicals, etc. Its solid-state, stainless steel construction allows it to be used in corrosive environments and reset quickly after removal from a liquid. The unique design of the PWS probe eliminates the need for external power at the probe. A PWS probe 1.5" is available for the PAL-AT® or LiquidWatch® systems: - PROBE LEAD ACTIVATION The PWS probe for the PAL-AT can easily be LEVEL = .62" PWS connected into a cable "sensing...

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LEAK DETECTION BASICS Monitoring Units All electronic Leak Detection Systems require a monitoring unit to receive the input from probes or leak detection cable. Asahi/America offers the LiquidWatch® and Pal-AT® monitoring stations that are engineered to fulfill a wide range of application requirements: LiquidWatch® Probe Systems LiquidWatch® monitoring units have been engineered to meet a broad range of customer needs. The LiquidWatch® Panel is modulare by design and can be configured with up to 64 probes and 16 alarm relays. The modular design allows for meeting current needs while...

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Leak Detection Brochure - 9

LEAK DETECTION BASICS Pal-At® Leak Detection/Location Monitoring Units Pal-At® Monitoring Systems are microprocessor based units capable of the continous monitoring of a sensor string for leaks, breaks and shorts. The units have sensing ranges of 2,000; 5,000; 10,000; or 15,000 feet per cable with up to 8 cables per panel. The alarm unit operates on the principle of pulsed energy reflection and maps the entire length of the sensor cable. A digitalized system map is stored in nonvolatile memory. Alarm panels provide continous indication that the sensor cable is being monitored. Pal-At...

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