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ASAHIPUR High Purity Piping Systems Purad® • PolyPure® • PP-Pure® Frank Regulators • SP Series Welding Equipment

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High Purity and Wet Process Solutions Asahi/America offers the most advanced high purity product line on the market. Our complete product offering provides a single source solution. This extensive product selection is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable group of staff engineers, technicians and sales agents, all ready to assist you with your application requirements. High Purity Piping System Asahi/America features four system choices to meet every customer’s purity and cost requirements. Purad® UHP PVDF is our premier high purity system for the most stringent applications....

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AGRU High Purity Manufacturing High Purity Factory In 2016, AGRU opened its fifth plant on their Bad Hall, Austria manufacturing campus. This new plant features the latest manufacturing technology and largest capacity for producing high purity piping systems. The plant was designed and built for full optimization and efficient process flow. Significant investments were made into brand new molding, extrusion, water treatment and clean room equipment to ensure the highest purity of the facility and finished products. Expanded Product Range AGRU continues to build upon their range of complete...

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' PVDF Piping Purad® UHP PVDF is the premier product for high purity water systems. The SOLEF™ PVDF resin we carefully selected and our stringent clean room manufacturing process provides the cleanest piping material available. Purad® is the best choice for systems with critical requirements for water quality and the prevention of product manufacturing impacts. Purad® is the only system with a complete range of fittings in the thin wall SDR33 (150psi) for 3” and 4” (90mm and 110mm) sizes. This option provides a significant cost savings for Asahi/America customers. Supply Range Pipe and...

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POLY PURE Natural PP-R Piping System PolyPure® natural polypropylene systems provide excellent high purity performance and cost effective installation. PolyPure® systems are specified and installed with confidence for a variety of high purity applications including USP purified water, institutional laboratory, deionized water and RO water systems. PolyPure® is fully pressure rated to 150psi across the entire size range and does not derate in larger diameters like competitive systems. Valves • T-342 diaphragm valves: 20 - 63mm (1/2” - 2”) • T-343 zero dead leg (ZDL) valves: 20 - 63mm (1/2” -...

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Pigmented PP Piping System PP-Pure® pigmented polypropylene systems provide a wide size range and the best cost savings on large scale water systems up to 12”. This system is commonly considered for large diameter non-critical UPW lines for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Pressure Rating Supply Range Pipe and Fittings • Diaphragm valves and regulators: EPDM or PTFE • Ball valves and unions: FKM (EPDM available) Welding Methods Resin & Manufacturing The PP-Pure® system uses a pigmented random copolymer polypropylene resin (PP) for its pipe, fittings and valves. PP-Pure®...

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High Purity Valves T-342 and T-343 Diaphragm Valves • Valves are clean room produced, assembled and packaged • All valves come standard with integral lock-out device to prevent unauthorized cycling • Valves are 150psi rated at 68°F and designed for high temperature service • Fully serviceable with replacement diaphragms available Body Material: Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® natrual and PP-Pure® pigmented Diaphragm: PTFE or EPDM (PP only) Bonnet Material: PPG Maximum Pressure: 150psi at 68°F Size Range Purad® UHP PVDF • T-342 diaphragm valves: 20 - 110mm (1/2” - 4”) • T-343 zero dead leg (ZDL)...

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• Valve is rigidly bolted to body to prevent damage • Inline sampling valve assembly eliminates dead leg and crevices • Clean PTFE diaphragm material • Poppet diaphragm close to mainline • Proven Dymatrix™ MPV valve and bonnet technology • Manual Push2Lock™ handle is easy to use Body Material: Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® natural and PP-Pure® pigmented Diaphragm: PTFE Seals: non-wetted FKM Valve Outlet: 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” in flare or female NPT Valve Body Inline: 20 - 250mm (1/2” - 10”) PVDF pipe in SDR21 and 33 Valve Inlet 2-Way: 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” in spigot or male NPT MPV Sampling Valve...

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Frank Series Regulators • Accurate and stable control of pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or downstream demand • Mechanical parts are isolated from the process fluid • Adjustable under working pressure Specifications Body Material: Purad® PVDF, PolyPure® natural and PP-Pure® pigmented Diaphragm: PTFE or EPDM Seals: EPDM, FKM, FFKM or PTFE Maximum Pressure: 150psi at 68°F Valve Size: 20 - 110mm (1/2” - 4”), may vary by model T-241 and V82 Pressure Regulator The T-241 and V82 pressure regulator is a great value with its integrated gauge guard. This pressure regulator reduces pressure...

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SP Series Welding Machines Available for Purchase or Rent SP equipment precisely controls all movements and parameters of the heating element and pipe clamps during each phase of the welding process. This full automation eliminates operator influence during the fusion process and provides unequalled repeatability. SP 110-S IR Fusion • 20 - 110mm (1/2” - 4”) Materials: PVDF, PP, PE, ECTFE , PFA IR Fusion • 20 - 110mm (1/2” - 4”) Materials: PVDF, PP, PE, ECTFE, PFA, Poly-Flo IR Fusion • 20 - 63mm (1/2” - 2”) Materials: PVDF, PP, PE, ECTFE , PFA IR Fusion • 110 - 315mm (4” - 12”) Materials:...

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Distance Control The automated force control technology in the SP series of fusion equipment removes the unreliability found in manually operated tools. The equipment automatically controls the movement of the clamps and heating element. The joining pressure is precisely monitored and controlled. Temperature, time and pressure parameters are pre-programmed for each material and size. All parameters are monitored, adjusted and recorded for QA/QC control. The force control technology weld process prevents excessive joining force found in distance controlled equipment. Plastics inherently...

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