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Double Containment Piping Systems Duo-Pro® • Poly-Flo® • Pro-Lock™ Leak Detection • Welding Equipment Asahi/America, 35 Green St, P.O. Box 653, Malden, MA 02148

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Why Use Double Containment? Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Asahi/America pioneered thermoplastic double containment piping systems with precisely this in mind. Our systems are engineered to protect our eco-system from the dangers of exposed aggressive chemicals. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has directed the underground transport of hazardous materials be protected from release into the environment in its Standard 40 CFR, Part 280 & 281. In order to be in compliance, systems must: - Be Double Contained - Have Automated Leak Detection for...

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Engineered Design All of Asahi/America’s Double Contained Systems are thoroughly designed and engineered for rigorous and demanding applications. Our stringent engineering review process ensures proper installation application and design. Applying our expertise in thermoplastics, we engineer systems that provide security and reliability. At the heart of all Asahi/America’s Double Contained Systems is our patented Dogbone fitting. The unique engineered design of the Dogbone provides numerous advantages to reliable and secure Double Containment Systems which include: -Transition from Double...

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PP, PVDF & E-CTFE Double Containment The premier double containment piping system offered on the market today, Duo-Pro has been successfully installed in Fortune 500 in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. Duo-Pro offers maximum versatility to meet the unique requirements of each individual application.The mix and match feature allows system designers to specify pipe material and ratings based on media and pressure changes throughout an entire system. Duo-Pro systems are shipped fully fabricated and ready for installation from component pieces or can be shipped...

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PP & HDPE Double Containment Poly-Flo’s unique unitary construction saves time and labor on each project. Low cost and easy installation makes Poly-Flo the ideal system for drainage systems, pressurized transfer lines and industrial applications needing up to 4” carrier pipe. Typical installations are in waste treatment, carrying sulfuric acid or caustic soda, in chemical processing applications, for bulk storage chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and aluminum nitrite, and in semiconductor plants, handling sulfuric, nitric, and hydrofluoric acids for wet stations. Poly-Flo® Engineered...

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PVC & C-PVC Double Containment Pro-Lock systems by Asahi-America combine engineering design with cost effective materials.The result is reliable double contained piping systems for a variety of applications. Pro-Lock exceeds the requirements of EPA Standard 40 CFR, Part 280 & 281 for underground transport of hazardous chemicals. Pro-Lock is ideally suited for use in water and wastewater treatment applications and anywhere sodium hypochlorite is used. Pro-LockTM Engineered Design Available Materials: Sch 40 & 80 PVC & C-PVC Sizes Range: 1/2x2 thru 4x8 Annular space sufficient for low-point...

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Fabrication and Installation Services Allow Asahi/America’s team of professionals to prefabricate your double wall system in our factory. Most systems can be prefabricated in our factory, minimizing field installation requirement; saving time and installation costs. Prior to assembly our engineering staff will work with you to ensure the system structural integrity through their involvement with overall system design and project layouts, pressure rating review, stress analysis, takeoffs, support spacing and burial techniques. Our field team is available to train your installation team on...

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Double Containment Supply Range Double Containment Size Ranges PVDF x Pro150 PVDF x Pro45 PVDF x PVDF Restraint Dogbone SIMILAR MATERIALS E-CTFE Halar x Halar Halar x Pro150 Halar x Pro45 Reducer-Eccentric Low Point Station Dw Flange Lateral Lateral w/ 1/8 Bend P Trap Floor Drain PVC 40 x 40 PVC 80 x 40 PVC 80 x 80 CPVC 80 x 80 CPVC x PVC 80/40 CPVC x PVC 80/80 Web site: Email: Asahi/America - -

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