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Thermoplastic Valves, Actuation & Controls ASAHI /AMERICA

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Product Development and CAE Analysis MAXIMUM DISTORTION MAXIMUM STRESS Analysis Conditions: Ambient Temp. MINIMUM DISTORTION A Dedication to Product Improvement □ur goal has been to design valves that will last longer than anyone else's, even in the worst kind of corrosive service. We feel we have achieved this, but we are also continuing to improve our design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to go even further. What you see in the two figures above repre- sents just one small part of the process. It is, however, a very important one. When a new valve is still in the design stage,...

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Thermoplastics vs. Metal Understanding the benefits and limitations of both advanced thermoplastics and metals is essential to making an informed choice in valve materials. For services up to 250ºF and pressures up to 230 psi, thermoplastic valves outperform metal with respect to corrosion, abrasion and freeze resistance, and lower installed cost. Over 70% of all industrial valve applications fall within these ranges. In high pressure, high temperature applications, metals are your only choice. For all other process lines, from wet chlorine, plating solutions, and acid wastes to...

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Thermoplastic Materials The Benefits of Thermoplastics The advantages of using thermoplastics are constantly being discovered. Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in the application of thermoplastic valves and piping systems in areas where metal valves were thought to be the only solution. Even the most corrosion resistant metals are still susceptible to galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, resulting in scale build-up, which reduces flow rates and increases pressure drop. Asahi/America is actively trying to educate end users to upgrade to thermoplastic systems....

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Valve Types Materials Used in Asahi Valves Product Discussion and Overview ELASTOMERIC AND OTHER MATERIALS (CONT.) Asahi/America thermoplastic valves provide a dependable and economical way to handle corrosive chemicals, including sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, oxidizing chemicals, caustics, solvents, halogens, and various other hostile fluids. They perform at temperatures up to 250ºF, pressures up to 230 psi, and flows up to 18,500 gpm. All valves meet or exceed ANSI Class 6 shut-off. What follows are brief descriptions of the valve types offered by Asahi/America. For further...

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Valve Types BUTTERFLY VALVES The name of this valve comes from the wing-like action of the flow-controlling disc, which operates at right angles to the flow. The disc has about the same diameter as the connecting pipe, and the flow is straight-through, with a low pressure drop. Maintenance is easy due to the small number of moving parts. The Butterfly valve can be used either as an “ON/OFF” or modulating type of valve. Asahi/ America has recently developed the advanced Type 57 valve, which has no metal to media or environment contact whatsoever. These valves may be operated manually,...

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Valve Types PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES The thermoplastic pressure relief valve protects equipment and systems against overpressures or sudden pressure surges. Able to handle highly corrosive or ultrapure liquids, it prevents pumps from dead-heading due to unexpected shut-offs downstream (also known as a “bypass relief valve”). It maintains back pressure in closed-loop systems to make pumps run more smoothly (also known as a back pressure valve). AUTOMATED VALVES Ball valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, and gate valves are often automated with pneumatic or electric actuators. This allows...

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Specifications Sizes: 1/2" – 6" Models: PVC & CPVC: Socket, Threaded and Flanged (ANSI) PP & PVDF: IPS and Metric (DIN) Socket, Threaded, Butt and Flanged (ANSI) Bodies: PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF Seats: PTFE backed with EPDM or FKM Seals: EPDM or FKM or AFLAS®‡ Sizes 1/2" - 4" PVC/EPDM/FKM Models NSF-61 Certified Type 21/21A Ball Valves Standard Features (Sizes 1/2" – 6") • • • • • • • • Pressure rated up to 230 psi (PVC, CPVC, PVDF) Double O-ring seals on stem for added protection Full bore, sizes 1/2" – 2" Full vacuum rated, all sizes Blocks in two directions, upstream and downstream,...

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Ball Valves SOCKET END Dimensions (Sizes 1/2" – 2") FLANGED NOMINAL SIZE NOMINAL SIZE 35 Green Street, P.O. Box 653, Malden, MA 02148 • Tel: 800-343-3618 • 781-321-5409 • Fax: 800-426-7058 • E-mail: Register at our interactive web site for on line ordering, product availability, order tracking, and many useful features:

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Ball Valves Pressure vs. Temperature (PSI, WATER, NON-SHOCK) NOMINAL SIZE INCHES Sample Specification All TYPE 21/21A Ball Valves, sizes 1/2” to 4”, shall be of true union design with two-way blocking capability. All O-rings shall be EPDM or FKM with PTFE seats. PTFE seats shall have elastomeric backing cushion of the same material as the valve seals. Stem shall have double O-rings and be of blowout-proof design. The valve handle shall double as carrier removal and/or tightening tool. ISO mounting pad shall be integrally molded to valve body for actuation. PVC conforming to ASTM D1784 Cell...

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Specifications Sizes: 1/2” – 4” Models: 9 Individual handles per valve size Padlock Not Included Type 21 Locking Handle Standard Features (Sizes 1/2" – 4") • New padlockable handle directly replaces standard valve handle • 1/2" - 2" No tools required for installation • 2-1/2" - 4" Require Phillips head screwdriver • Allows for restriction of unauthorized use of valve • Permits visual position indication • Trigger activated allows for smooth operation • Sold in “kit” form with instructions for easy field installation • Handle doubles as carrier removal tool, same as standard handle Parts...

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