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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System Email: Air-Pro Piping System 03-10 1

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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System Material Properties Chemical Resistance Installation Tips Welding Methods & Tips Sample Specification Dimensional Guidelines

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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System The Air-ProTM piping system is specifically constructed for compressed air. Corrosion resistant to compressor synthetic oils and mineral oils, light-weight, quick to install, and with minimal system pressure drop, Air-Pro is the system of choice in numerous compressed air applications. Material Properties Advantages of PE 100 in compressed air supply • • • • • • • • • Air-Pro Features: • • • • Available in sizes ½” to 12” with socket, butt and electrofusion fittings in a variety of styles including tees, reducing tees, 90s and 45s Fast, low-cost...

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Chemical Resistance Guidelines Chemical Resistance PE 100 provides an excellent chemical resistance to a multitude of media based on acids, alkalis and hydrocarbons. In case of doubt, our Engineering Department is available to help you assess the media and to support you in the planning and design process. As a result, polyethylene has been accepted as an excellent material used for industrial piping systems. We recommend using gaskets made from NBR as a standard sealing material. The humidity that often forms in a compressed air system, which can cause considerable problems in metallic...

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Installation Guidelines Installation Tips The pressure test is to be carried out according to the relevant standards (e.g. DVS 2210, part 1, ASME B31.3). Compared to metallic piping systems, the installation of Asahi/America’s Air-Pro piping system displays some significant differences. • • • The required test pressure typically amounts to 1.5 x operating pressure. During the pressure test, provide suitable protection to prevent ambient temperature changes (due to insulation). As a test medium, we recommend water. Prevent mechanical stress (bending and pushing) of the pipes during...

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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System Installation Guidelines Change of length due thermal expansion Plastic has the property of expanding under heat. The calculation of the change in length of Air-Pro pipes is based on the following formula: = change in length due to the temperature change [in] α = linear expansion coefficient [in/in/oF] The temperature difference, results from the difference between the installation temperature and the maximum and minimum pipe wall temperature (installation, operation, shut-down). Calculation of minimum straight length (following DVS 2210, part 1) Changes...

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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System Installation Guidelines Diagram showing minimum straight length LS Example: For the minimum straight length of a pipe Ø 90 mm, please start with diagram 2 to calculate the change in length. Afterward, please follow the vertical line to the diagram 1, up to the intersection of the pipe Ø 90 mm line, and then turn to the left. Temperature difference (operating and installation temperature) DT: 25oC Length of pipe: L = 13 m Theoretical longitudinal expansion: DL: 58.5 mm Minimum straight length: LS = 1887 mm Minimum straight length (mm) Email:...

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Air-Pro™ Compressed Air Piping System Installation Guidelines Condensate Drains Preparations before welding tapping saddle This prevents the condensate that is formed, due to temperature and pressure changes (especially in the case of systems without effective air-drying), from reaching the connections and thus from corroding and damaging the equipment. Performing the welding process Apart from the minimum straight lengths and expansion bends required for changes in length, there are also flow deviations used which serve as consumer protection. Open the tapping saddle and place around the...

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Welding Methods & Tips Installation Guidelines The quality of the welded joints depends on the qualification of the welder, the suitability of the machines and appliances as well as compliance with the welding guidelines. The welding joint can be checked through non-destructive and/or destructive methods. The welding process should be supervised. Method and size of the supervision must be agreed upon by the parties. It is recommended to document the method data in welding protocols or on data medium. SOCKET WELDING TIPS: SOCKET FUSION Benefits of Socket Fusion • Equipment is light-weight •...

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Sample Specifications Sample Specification 1.0 Scope: All requirements are for Air-Pro (HDPE) high pressure rated compressed air pipe and fittings. Applicable to applications that require the transport of compressed air. 2.0 Materials: Pipe and fitting material shall be made of Solvay Eltex TUB 124 blue high density polyethylene material according to ASTM D-3035. All components shall be molded or extruded according to ASTM D-1248. 3.0 Pipe: Pipe shall conform to the requirements of ASTM D-2837-88 for establishing a hydrostatic basis. In addition, the pipe shall be a dimensional ratio (SDR)...

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Dimensional Guidelines Air-Pro™ Socket Fittings Air-Pro™ Pipe Size (mm) 20 Butt Fusion Only 160 Air-Pro Systems 20-110mm are blue. SDR 7.4 and rated at 230psi. Air-Pro™ Pipe Systems 160-315mm are black, SDR 11 and rated at 160psi. Blue Air-Pro™ pipe available upon request fittings remain black 160-315. Email: Air-Pro Piping System 03-10

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Socket Fittings Dimensional Guidelines Socket Coupling Email: Air-Pro Piping System 03-10

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Dimensional Guidelines Socket Fittings Size (mm) Size (inch) Spigot x Socket Reducing Bushing 63 2 3.268 - Nickle plated brass threads - 230 psi rated Socket MNPT Adapter t k Socket FNPT Adapter Size (mm) 20 63 2 2.567 - Nickle plated brass threads - 230 psi rated Email: Air-Pro Piping System 03-10

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