ARNTZ FactBook Edition 2020.2 - 28 Pages

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ARNTZ FactBook Edition 2020.2

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Welcome to ARNTZ Your cutting expert for the entire world of metals. 225 years of manufacturing, 225 years of tools, 225 years of passion: We are proudly looking back on a long tradition while facing the future with excitement. Complex materials are opening up new markets and alloys are developing along with higher requirements of their products behind. This requires new and innovative cutting solutions. Our specialists are being challenged with the demands of many different markets – daily. We are familiar with the materials and their cross sections – over all industries and down to the...

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We are on your side – worldwide.

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steel beam 445 Material Article group hardened material O round tube 426 430 457 557 standard wall thickness

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Now is the time to make the right cut! Category Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades Professional Other Applications BLACK-LINE BLACK-LINE-S BLUE-LINE SILVER-LINE SILVER-LINE-N triple chip geometry band saw blade with tooth set triple chip geometry multi chip geometry multi chip geometry Carbon Steel Band Saw Blades 100 110 flexible band back spring hardened band back Professional Accessories Tension measuring device, Refractometer, Application toolkit 27

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Why so successful  ? M  2 4 Material no. 1.3247 hardness approx. 68 - 69 HRC Laser welding HSS-flat wire M  1 5 Material no. 1.3207 hardness approx. 69 HRC, with high tungstenand cobalt content. Blade backer made of alloyed spring steel. Perfectly joint  : The blade backer of our Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade consists of a special alloyed spring steel. Highly flexible at a hardness of about 50 HRC. The ideal basis for long fatigue life and excellent cutting performance. Both materials are undetachably welded together by special electron or laser beam. Hard and wear resistant  : Tooth tips made of...

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Tooth forms Only correct choice of tooth forms allows efficient cutting with low vibration. Four basic types are available: Where performs the right tooth  ? 0 degree positive positiv Hookzahn = H Hook tooth = H Kombizahn = = K Variable tooth K-0 Designed for: chipping materials • light wall thickness Designed for: • long chipping materials • large cross sections Designed for: • low vibration cutting • structurals Designed for: • low vibration cutting • solid materials Data  : o • rake angle 0  • constant tooth pitch of 4 to 18 tpi Data  : • positive rake angle • constant tooth pitch of 3...

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The choice of the right tooth pitch can be decisive to achieve the optimum performance. Choose either standard tooth with constant tooth pitch or variable tooth with unevenly spaced teeth. It is advisable to use variable tooth to reduce vibrations. Variable tooth pitch Cross section mm Thin wall structurals (0o - 7o rake angle) Wall thickness Diam. of structural (D) in mm (S) in mm The choice of the right tooth has special influence on the cutting result on tubes and structurals. Variable tooth has proven to be the most favourable tooth form. Tooth pitches selected are depending on wall...

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Bi-Metal and Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades For each cutting operation the right choice. sosO'^,rvrvO<NfVNO •^•SfLA^fLAVOVOVOVO - Free machining steels > 350 - Unalloyed tool steels < 70 - Ball bearing steel > 350 - High speed steels < 70 - Heat treatable steels 80 - 350 80 - 350 > 350 - High temperature steels < 70 - Heat resistant steels 80 - 350 > 350 - High tensile steels < 70 - Titanium + titanium alloys 80 - 350 - Surface hardened steel shafts < 70 - Hardened steels up to HRC 62 80 - 350 - Aluminium alloys with silicon 80 - 350 > 350

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Article group 430 Standard The fabrication professional for light and Engineered for: medium raH thicknesses. • structurals with light or medium walls • short chipping materials • sheet metal on vertical band saw machines

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Perfect for materials of medium to large dimensions. Engineered for: • production band saw machines • all-purpose use for steels and non-ferrous metals • tensile strengths of up to 1400 N/mm2 • thick walled structurals

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Article group 445 845 C-TEC Professional The multi-purpose blade for small and medium cross-sections. Robust performance for steel construction. Engineered for  : • steel beams, profiles and tubes • mixed materials Engineered for  : • large cross-section steel beams • structurals with residual stress Also coated available IIIIIIIIIIIIII  for extremely  C-TEC increased feet rates, significantly reduced cutting times and maximized blade life.

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M51-X-PRO The pro with particularly wear-resistant teeth. Engineered for: For sawing processes using minimal lubrication. • steel beams, profiles and pipes Powerful at high cutting speeds and feeds. • mixed cross-sections Also coated available C-TEC for extremely increased feet rates, significantly reduced cutting times and maximized blade life. Dimensions Tooth

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Article group 420 Standard Article group 421 Standard M42-STAR-PLUS Allrounder for solid, small-dimensioned materials. The saw blade for medium sized solid materials. Engineered for: • common steel qualities and non ferrous metals • short-chipping materials • small structurals with thin walls • narrow cross sections up to approx. 100 mm (4") • contour cutting operations Engineered for: • small workshop bandsaws • common steel qualities and non ferrous metals • cross sections over approx. 100 mm (4") N = Standard tooth W = Wavy set

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Standard Article group 436 Standard M42-ALUCUT-PLUSM42-ALUCUT-SPRINT For cutting aluminium without pinching. Easy cutting of light-weight metals. Engineered for: • pure aluminium and aluminium alloys • solid material and structurals Engineered for: • pure aluminium and aluminium alloys • solid material and structurals • materials with residual stress and a tendency to become pinched Dimensions Tooth

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