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“Armo Docks” reliable, cost-effective, long-lasting Industrial loading bay manufacture

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Armo s.p.a was founded in 1972, and developed day by day the quality of its production, the efficiency of its industrial organisation and the experience of its staff. Industrial loading bay experts Armo can supply quick and exhaustive answers to all problems submitted by customers, both with our well-equipped warehouse as well as with our special products designed and manufactured according to the customers’ needs.

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State-of-the-art production Dock Shelter Q Heavy duty dock shelter suitable for accommodating vehicles of varying overall heights whilst at the same time providing an effective seal between docked vehicle and building. Mounted on a fully retractable frame meaning an ‘off centre’ reversing vehicle can collide with the frame and simply push it back rather than damage it. Sectional Door Bumpers 0 Rubber or steel faced buffers are positioned on either side of the dock leveller and provide a safe ‘stop’ for the reversing vehicle; the buffers also provide protection to both the dock leveller and...

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Armo s.p.a. Armo is also... Registered Office: Via Rosa di Luxemburg, 1 10093 Collegno (TO) - Italy Operational Office: Via Vittime di Bologna 10/16 10060 None (TO) - Italy Share Capital € 1.600.000 i.v. c.c.i.a.a. n.667754 Registro societa n. 4136/85 VAT n. 04873070017 • Industrial doors • Scissor lifting tables • Tippers • Maintenance & Service • Residential Sectional Doors Armo spa may, at any time and without any notice or obligation, change the specification of the goods presented in this leaflet.

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