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“Armo Door solutions” efficient, cost-effective, reliable. Industrial doors - manufacturing and installation

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Door solutions - different applications - 2

Industrial door professionals Armo s.p.a was founded in 1972, and developed day by day the quality of its production, the efficiency of its industrial organisation and the experience of its staff. Armo's Service is based on customer's real and own requirements, being able to provide a complete package with turn key service. We can povide our services on different products, from different manufacturers: Sectional doors Folding doors High speed roll doors High speed pack doors Sliding REI doors Roller shutters Loading ramps Tunnel Roller shutters Loading bays with dock levellers

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Door solutions - different applications - 3

cciaio zincato mpensazione solate rantita in nylon e a pavimento. High speed doors Folding doors Sectional doors Sectional overhead doors

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Door solutions - different applications - 4

PORTONE A LIBRO SENZA GUIDA INFERIORE Portoni a impacco verticale Portoni sezionali Porte ad impacco rapido Porte ad avvolgimento rapido Chiusure tagliafuoco IL COSTRUTTORE SI RISERVA DI APPORTARE TUTTE LE VARIAZIONI CHE RITERRÀ OPPORTUNE SENZA PREAVVISO Portoni scorrevoli Armo s.p.a. Registered Office: Via Rosa di Luxemburg, 1 10093 Collegno (TO) - Italy Operational Office: Via Vittime di Bologna 10/16 10060 None (TO) - Italy Share Capital € 1.600.000 i.v. c.c.i.a.a. n.667754 Registro società n. 4136/85 VAT n. 04873070017 CHIUSURE INDUSTRIALI DI NUOVA GENERAZIONE • • • • • Loading docks...

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