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Dock Scissor Tables DT-PE-DOCK-8810 Dock scissor lift table

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Armo Spa, born in 1972 like lifting tables manufacturer, developed its activity day by day thanks to the quality of its production, the efficiency of its enterprise organization and the skills of its staff. Nowadays, Armo is an industry with international and experimented vocation, leader in the Italian market and with a wide range of machines for raising and moving goods as well as disposes of industrial logistics equipment. Our production is located in two different factories, both in the suburbs of Turin, for a total surface of 15.000 mq. Armo follows all productive phases: from the...

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APPLICATION European Rule EN 1570-1 specifies the safety requirements for all tables suitable for raising/lowering goods and/or staff suitable to move the same machine, where:  Table does not pass a fixed landing level  Table does not serve more than two fixed landing levels EXCLUSION The Rule is not applied to the following equipment:  Tables designed as a part of a lift Lifting tables serving more than two fixed landing levels Lifting tables for persons with impaired mobility Lifting tables for airports or maritime use Mobile lifting tables Lift elevator of vehicles for maintenance...

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General description The “lifting table” is a fixed raising device, which operates hydraulically. It is a self-supporting, monoblock structure made by an upper frame, lower frame and a scissor, operating thanks to one or more cylinders. The lifting table is equipped with rings suitable for its raising and the placement into the pit, as well as safety devices for the maintenance. Upper frame is in smooth or diamond plate and it runs vertically to the floor. An hinged scissor complete the structure, made by full steel profiles (not tubes), combining the lower and the upper frame. The upper...

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HYDRAULIC POWER PACK WITH PLUNGED MOTOR All our table can be provided with oil plunged motor. The main advantages of the power packs with plunged motor are: the high consistency, the perfect cleaning, the perfect noiselessness, the lower maintenance and, as the components are plunged in the oil, a long-lasting life. The feeding tension is for intermittent use S3 (maximum 30%). The power pack is placed outside the lifting table, it is supplied with a flexible hose L= 3 mt for the connection to the union pipe, which is welded to the lower frame. The up-stroke speed is fix. It does not depend...

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Electric options Cod. CC0 Electrical system excluded We only supply the shunt box fixed to the lower frame of the lifting table. Into this box ends all the contacts of the safety perimeter, up and down-stroke limit switches and the electro-valve (one or two). We remind that the electrical protection is at the customer’s care; both, in case of a short circuit or when the table has two cylinders; also in case of one of the two electro-valves fault. Cod. CD00 – Emergency limited device for tables without electric control It is a device usually installed on the power pack. It includes a switch,...

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Armo DOCK LIFT details Armo dock lift tables are used for loading/unloading trucks, container, etc. when it is not possible to use other means (as, for instance, dock leveller). Manual swing lip, supplied as a standard component for this kind of table, is installed on short or long side and permits the forklift or hand pallet truck to pass through the truck bed in total safety. This lip, hinged to the upper frame, is made in sectors (central mm 1000 and laterals mm 200/250) with length 300/400 mm. Manual lips, when table is in rest position, remain vertical downwards and they are protected...

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Options - Handrails Handrails. As foreseen by the rule EN 1570-1, in specific dangerous situations, it is required to install handrails H 1100 on some table sides. Armo railings are always including a central knee bar and a foot plate. Standard colour (if not differently required) corresponds to the one of the table. Available material: Welded handrail Bolted handrail Removable handrail with pins Removable handrail with pins and limit switch Handrails can be provided as fully sheeted ones, when table application is requesting this option. Gates. If required, Armo can supply gates H 1100...

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Options Rubber bellow - PVC lateral protection for scissors Our lifting tables can have as an option the rubber lateral protection named “bellow” or, as an alternative, PVC roller blinds. These protections, we remind, do not substitute our antishearing safety perimeter. Upper frame with handrails and gate For lifting tables with people on board, for high maintenance operation, you can foresee:  Welded handrails around all perimeter of the table, excluding the gate side. Handrails height: 1100 mm  Gate, width 1 m, opening outward, complete with limit switch which permits the raising and...

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Production ability In Armo, everything is organised in order to guarantee a safe, quick and effective production. We work within wide spaces (over 14.000 sq. m) in which raw materials and components can be stored, processed and assembled. It’s thus possible to work in optimal conditions, by taking care of all the work-phases thanks to an impressive system of 18 overhead travelling cranes combined with 8 fork-lift trucks. Every single phase, from the exclusive design to the cutting of raw materials, from the assembly to the testing – is performed in our plants, by guarantee an absolute...

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armo Some photos about our DOCK scissor lift table

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WARRANTY CERTIFICATE We declare that every component is preliminarily tested before the assembling and each machine is meticulously tested before the delivery. We therefore guarantee, that every equipment is free from functional lacks when it leaves our factories. 1 All our machineries are covered by a 2 years guaranty. 2 The ready-made components used in our machineries, for example the power packs and the control boxes are covered by the guarantees of their own manufacturers. 3 The guarantee, is the complete, cost -free, replacement of the machine’s components which present faults of...

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