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Dock levellers - Methods for pit - 12 Pages

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Dock levellers - Methods for pit

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INTRODUCTION Hereinafter there is an explanation of the various methods for pit proposed by Armo. The methods foreseen cover, for the most, the inquiries incoming from all over the Europe and can be easily “adapted” in case of various constructive situations. For further details, you can refer to the detailed booklets, where you will also find the technical drawings regarding the building works required for the various dock levellers dimensions. Method 8 – self-standing model These levellers are installed once the industrial ground is finished. This is the most used system. The particular...

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METHOD 8 – self-supporting model Freight for pit frame are repaid by the advantages of installing the dock leveller when the industrial ground is finished. These ADVANTAGES are resumed hereinafter: 1. Installation without possibility of any mistake. The dock leveller is directly unloaded into the pit, levelled of few millimetres and welded to the border of the pit. 2. Walls can have a coarse finishing. 3. Clean job. No concrete casting is needed then; the dock levellers are not spattered and, specifically, the hinges do not need any final cleaning to remove possible concrete excesses. 4....

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Method 8 arrangements Without truck tail lift

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Method 8 arrangements With truck tail lift

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METHOD 5 – Universal The ADVANTAGES of the “Universal” method are: 1. Iron rods are not needed anymore for fixing along the pit border; neither are pit edges with angles, nor particular structures (quarterdeck) for the pit. Thus, there are no freight to forward. 2. During the installation, any welding is no longer necessary. 3. The walls and the pit bottom can have a course finishing. 4. The work is perfectly finished; dock leveller and industrial ground make an only frame, without discontinuity. 5. Thanks to specific L-shaped profiles, the concrete does not overflow into the pit during the...

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Method 5 arrangements “Universal”

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METHOD 4 – BOX Freight for this system are totally repaid by the ADVANTAGES obtained and that can be resumed as follow: 1. It is not required to prepare the pit; nor is needed its shuttering. 2. The leveller is a mono-block structure, already assembled, tried, ready for the final checks. 3. Thanks to the strong sheeted-walls, there is any deformation of the frame during the different phases of the concrete casting. 4. The dock levellers can be protected by possible concrete squirts with cartoons, which are placed on the frame and lip (optional by request). INSTALLATION SEQUENCE A. Level at...

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METHOD SF – pit mounted Method SF (pit mounted) – no self-supporting method This method is usually employed when we have to change old levellers, in order to fit within existing pit. The leveller is realized with special dimensions ( length, width, closed height), when required. INSTALLATION SEQUENCE A. You realize the pit, which has to be perfectly squared, smooth and wellrefined bottom. Along the border you have to put an “edge guard” angle. B. The leveller is lowered and levelled into the pit. In that way it fills the hole completely. You then weld it at the angle on the rear in order to...

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Method SF arrangements “Pit mounted” or “Letter box”

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Should not be possible to place the hole for the cable passage at the point suggested in the drawing, it is possible to use alternative measures, depending by the dock leveller model and its dimensions. Consult the following chart: “L” is the length of the dock leveller. The optional measures for the rotating dock levellers, are the “J” & “H”, expressed in mm. Should there be some problems to keep quota “J”, you can refer to measure “K”.

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