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TECHNICAL PRODUCT SHEET TELESCOPIC LEVELLERS Armo RXE (lip L= 500 mm) and RZS (lip L= 1000 mm) telescopic levellers models are usually used for the trucks’ loading/unloading for which it is not possible to approach the reversing truck or if, while approaching the loading bay in reverse, it is difficult to load the box because there is not enough space on the back for the support of the lip. Our dock levellers’ telescopic lip is able to lay on the bed of the trailer in almost all positions it could be. The capacity calculations have been executed following the RULE EN 1398:2009, which defines the way of load application when the leveller is in rest or open position and correctly laid to the vehicle. Nominal capacity of Armo dock levellers is 6000Kg. For the loading operations it is possible to use forklifts, electrical trans-pallet or manuals or similar equipment, with heavy loads not exceeding the scope. ARMO dock levellers main features:  100% Made in Italy  Built following a robotic process that allows the control and repeatability from which an increase of reliability derives  They have the power pack positioned at the front of the frame for an easier ordinary maintenance  It is possible to load uniformly up to 9000Kg in rest position in order to increase the surface suitable as warehouse storage area.  The lifting cylinder and the related hydraulic pipes have been designed to withstand workloads and burst pressures far exceeding those required by the standards.  In the event of a power failure it is always possible to bring the platform in rest position in order to allow the overhanging door to close.

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DATA SHEET TELESCOPIC LEVELLERS Standard measures chart Armo is able to provide tailor-made and high-customized dock levellers thanks to the wide range of accessories available.*1^ (+39)-011.71760.11 (+39)-011. 71760.19 http ://www.

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