Touch Screen Enclosures: How to Increase Branding with Outdoor Interactivity - 5 Pages

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Touch Screen Enclosures: How to Increase Branding with Outdoor Interactivity

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Touch Screen Enclosures: How to Increase Branding with Outdoor Interactivity Modern outdoor media is no longer passive. Simple signs selling or explaining something to an audience are no longer as effective as interactive signage. Digital signage which allows an audience to interact with it, provides a truly dynamic form of communication than just regular digital displays flashing the images and content at people. To enable interactivity, digital signage screens need to incorporate touch screen technology, something that has now become a ubiquitous technology to people. Touchscreens are a familiar technology to people. Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and tablet PCs, touchscreens are part of everyday life and non-interactive technologies are becoming old hat. In fact, if you look carefully at any standard digital signage screen, you’ll see fingerprints covering the screen face. This is because people now expect a screen to be interactive, which is why more and more outdoor digital signage installations are utilising touch screen technology to provide a more dynamic form of communication. A man operating a Touchscreen LCD enclosure | Armagard 2012 Call: +44 (0) 121-608-7210 Fax: +44 (0) 121-608-4477

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Branding Because audiences are more likely to interact with a touchscreen than a standard digital signage device, touchscreens provide a better method of advertising and creating brand awareness. A screen simply relaying repetitive adverts can soon become unnoticeable to passersby, but a screen that allows full interaction will receive far more attention by providing a two-way communication that is now expected by an ever technologically-savvy audience. Touchscreen use in digital signage enables potential customers to discover more information about products and services, provides a...

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A Different Approach Traditionally, touchscreens have been a single, specialised unit. However, other than the screen face, there is nothing to distinguish a standard LCD display from a touchscreen. In fact, any LCD display can be turned into a capacitive touchscreen simply by using a capacitive film in front of the LCD display. This retrofitted Touchfoil, acts just like a regular touchscreen device, but has the distinct advantage in that it can be fitted in front of the glass, with the digital display being completely protected by operating the behind the glass. This unique method means...

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Touchscreen Enclosures Armagard touch screen enclosures provide this unique solution for using interactive screens in any outdoor location, while ensuring total protection against collisions, wind-blown debris, impacts, vandalism and varying temperatures. The capacitive film used in the touchscreen enclosure is attached to the outside of the protective glass that ensures the screen is kept safe from the rigours of the outdoor environment, but permits interactivity. With both single and multi-touch capabilities, the touchscreen enclosure is available in sizes ranging from 32” to 70” across...

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Uses Touchscreen enclosures are incredibly versatile, especially as they come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and orientations, which means their uses is almost unlimited. Touchscreen enclosures are an ideal first-contact device. Hotels and public buildings can provide information about room availability, prices, opening hours and events, while shops can use them as a means of promoting offers and sale items. An outdoor touchscreen enclosure is also idea for the food retail industry, providing an interactive menu system that not only lets customers see what is on offer, but also is able...

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