Digital Signage in Education & The Benefits of an LCD Enclosure - 4 Pages

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Digital Signage in Education &  The Benefits of an LCD Enclosure

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Digital Signage in Education & The Benefits of an LCD Enclosure Screens have become a common part of our everyday life. From train stations, to bus stops, to shopping centers; we’re now used to seeing them everywhere we go. Generally, there are three main uses for these screens. The first is to advertise, the second is to entertain, and the third is to educate. Screens can be used to educate us in many different ways. Simply imparting information such as film times or waiting times is one example of this, but often screens seek to do more than just that. More and more, screens are being used for digital signage in education environments, to make sure that students are still learning, even when their teachers aren’t on hand. Why are Screens Needed for Digital Signage in Education? If you’ve ever worked in education, you’ll know just how much information needs to be shared on a daily basis. Whether a nursery school, primary, secondary, college or even university, administrators working in this sort of environment need to be able to get information out quickly and effectively. Digital screens are the ideal way to do this. Sharing information in this way is cheaper than using the postal service, and less time consuming than doing it via email. When there’s new information that needs to be shared, such as exam dates or timetable changes, the information can be added to the screens very quickly, using easy to use software on a central computer. A high School using a screen in an LCD enclosure for information and events | Armagard 2012 Extra-curricular activities can also benefit greatly from digital signage. This is especially true of sports. Team sports and athletics can be vastly improved with the provision of screens to display lap times and scores. This kind of technology can be particularly beneficial during school sports events, as they can help the spectators to feel much more a part of the action. Call: +44 (0) 121-608-7210 Fax: +44 (0) 121-608-4477

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In addition to sharing information, screens can also be used to support learning activities. They can be particularly valuable when used within practical subjects, such as science and design and technology. It’s much easier for teachers and support staff to explain complicated concepts and techniques to their students when they have a screen to display visual aids. Why an LCD Enclosure is Needed However, if you’re looking to install screens for digital signage in educational environment, you’re probably already aware of the challenges this presents. Any piece of technology that is going to...

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Where Should a Screen be Positioned? Screens designed to impart information tend to work particularly well in educational environments because they have many areas within them where people congregate. Whether these areas are indoors or outdoors, Armagard enclosures mean screens can be positioned wherever they will be most useful. This makes the use of the screens themselves more valuable, as it means they can be used wherever they would be most useful. In addition to classrooms and lecture halls, a school is likely to want to install screens in an area where they’ll be able to most...

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Industrial and stainless enclosures offer all of these benefits and more. They are generally used in more specialized environments, such as manufacturing plants and laboratories. They can be very valuable within educational environments with more specific needs: such as college and university science departments. The Compact SENC-350 is ideal for washdown laboratories | Armagard 2012 Real Examples If you’re thinking of investing in an enclosure to enhance communications within your school, college or university, you may be interested to read about some real examples of organisations that...

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