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X-MASTER High Definition Plasma Full Suite Solution For True Hole Technology Main Feature • ARCBRO’s core technological breakthrough in the field of plasma cutting. It is a leap in every aspect, even a gear! It challenges the concept of the traditional plasma cutting industry: high productivity, high cutting guality, low operating costs, built-in integrated cutting process, perfect round hole for one-button cutting, and reliance on worker skills. You may have some questions about it, and once you understand the machine, it will definitely subvert your views. Address; Xinfang Industrial Park, No.218, ChaoYang District, Beijing 100024, China Tel: +86-10-65798995 Fax: +86-10-65790867 E-mail: Http://www.

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High definition plasma cutting is a new technology that has been around for less than a year. It is completely different from traditional plasma cutting. Experts in the cutting industry know that plasma cutting quality is affected by six factors: current, gas, Pierce technology, led in/out technology, cutting speed, timing. These six factors are independent of each other in traditional cutting. Only experienced and skilled workers can combine them and complete a high-quality cutting. The high definition cutting completely eliminates the requirements of the craftsmanship of the workers. It...

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X-Master Downdraft Table GCC Compared to other brands, X Master has a integrated motion control systems from the technical level, automatic height adjustment, automatic gas and current settings, and plasma power generators (Hypertherm XPR), from motion control to seamless communication with plasma power supplies. The simplified components made into a unified integrated system control. Through the integrated package, it is reguired to integrate 6 parts into 4 parts, which reduces parts, reduces failure rate, optimizes communication efficiency, and improves stability. With this Eco-integrator...

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Up to a 100% increase in productivity through cut-to-cut cycle time reductions. Cut-to-cut cycle time is reduced by up to 80%, resulting in increased productivity, without operator input. By reducing cut-to-cut cycle, ARCBRO’s full suite can improve the number of parts cut per day by up to 100%. XPR300 plasma cutting system is the most efficient power system at present. With unparalleled X-Definition TM cutting guality on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the new XPR300 increases cutting speed, increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. It match the ArcGlide THC, which...

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(DAutomated optimal parameter settings Amperage, Gas type, Pre-flow, Cut flow, Torch pierce height and delay, Torch cut height Arc voltage, Part specific feed rates, Kerf compensation. Everything upside is built-in and performed automatically for you, which represents a huge savings in time and labor, and an increase in output and productivity. (2)Most convenient mode of operation Train new operators to cut like a pro within minutes. Maintain more consistent performance from operator-to-operator, shift-to-shift, and site-to-site. (3)Faster set up time. The assembly torch can be placed in...

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Cutting mode Effective cutting area Number of torches Drive mode Reducer Vertical orbit Rack and pinion specifications Height control Cutting thickness Plasma generator Small hole technology nesting software Running speed Cutting speed Positioning speed positioning accuracy Machining part deviation CNC control mode Machine input voltage Address; Xinfang Industrial Tel: +86-10-65798995 Fax: E-mail: Http ://w high definition plasma cutting for true hole technology Width 2.5- 5m Length minimum 6m (Length and width can be optional a set of automatic plasmas, a set...

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