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Technical Highlights - 1

PcVue Solutions Technical Highlights

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Technical Highlights - 2

IMtX^iS Solutions Your Independent Global SCADA Provider

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Technical Highlights - 4

1. SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE • Supported on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, XP*, Vista*, Server 2003*, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 & virtual machine (VMWare®/hyperV®) • Portability of applications from previous versions • Open architecture • Alarm processing • Archive processing Server VMWare ESX • Client/server architecture • Real time multi-tasking kernel • Bilingual facility for menus and application • Optimized data sharing among PcVue network stations • Built-in, optimized redundancy of data acquisition & historical data • Product structure facilitating integration of...

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Technical Highlights - 5

3. DISTRIBUTED APPLICATIONS • Built-in inter-station messaging using TCP/IP • Exchanging values of variables in real time: internal, equipment and historical • Single configuration of the database for distributed architectures • Scripts-free configuration wizard • Built-in automatic redundancy mechanisms • Built-in centralized version management of projects and libraries • Concentrator station and archive server • Administration of network users’ access rights • System variables to indicate the status of network stations and of the connections between them • Deployment of changes and...

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Technical Highlights - 6

5. REAL TIME DATA • • • • • • • • • • • • • Object-oriented Variables Tree Hierarchical variable name structure Variable types: bits, registers, texts, and alarms Conversion to physical values Deadband Discrepancy checking Expressions and formula calculations Chronometer and counter variables Level threshold detection system plus hysteresis on analog variables Associated labels for variables to describe them explicitly in mimics, alarm lists and event logs Multiple boolean & text user attributes associated with variables Filter-Search-Sort can be applied to alarm, historical and trend...

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Technical Highlights - 7

7. ACTIONS • Sending recipes and commands according to a weekly timetable, managing exception periods for public holidays • Event-driven actions on variable & alarm changes • Cyclical actions: run periodic script • Web based Scheduler • Send Email and SMS on event with template & auto completion • Upload and download files on FTP Graphical interface based on ARC Informatique’s FrontVue software Object oriented graphical Interface Color selection by color picker Color palette of up to 16 million colors Color gradients for 3D effects Blinking and transparent colors Microsoft VBA included in...

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Technical Highlights - 8

• Multiple animations can be applied to the same drawing element • Mimics up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels in size • Option of bilingual applications with automatic language change at run-time • Option of plain text mimic format allows mimics to be created and edited with an external application • Import/export of mimic texts 5 alarm states and 30 alarm levels Filter, Search and Sort on alarms by state, levels and/or attributes modifiable online Filtering of alarm processing by station Alarm counters by value, level, attributes etc. Automatic masking by dependency and manually masking by user...

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Technical Highlights - 9

11. TRENDS • Dynamic configuration of trend viewer look and feel in design and run modes, with optional locking • Y=f(t) trends and Y=f(X) chart controls • Logarithmic trends • Customizable trend viewer • Simultaneous display of real time and historical data • Zoom in and zoom out in time axis or both time and value axes • Cursor for reading selected values • Multiple dynamic and scrolling scales • Dynamic addition, deletion and substitution of variables by operator at run time • Event-driven recording to minimize use of disk storage • Printing of displayed trends on graphical printers •...

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Technical Highlights - 10

Unlimited number of users Single-Sign On Support: simpler management of user rights Management by profile for maximum flexibility Password strength control Up to 30 hierarchical profile levels Facility for locking access to particular mimics, command variables, log variables, alarm acknowledgement and masking, WebVue etc. Control of reading, creation, changing and sending of recipes Station dependant access profiles for multi-station architectures Password validity limited by date Ability to require password change on first login 15. REPORTS AND SUMMARIES • Data export as text files or into...

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Technical Highlights - 11

17. SURVEILLANCE MANAGEMENT • Surveillance management by Alert software • User management and organizing the surveillance • Message transmission to fixed and mobile devices, GSM, radio message, beep, fax, email and Internet browser • Facility to acknowledge remote alarms according to the terminal used • Facility for voice synthesis to generate audio messages • Interfacing with OPC servers • Monitoring the supervisory application and sending an alarm if failure occurs • Managing redundant Alert stations • Logging / history of events arising on the Alert system 18. DBMS DATA EXCHANGE •...

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Technical Highlights - 12

Audit trail Individual electronic signature for each user Option for double signature on sending commands Each name/password combination is unique Automatic logout either programmable or after a period of inactivity Locking after a number of unsuccessful attempts Recording of failed attempts to log in, with option to notify the system administrator Guarantee of integrity of historical data by CRC Logging of previous value when a value is changed 21. INTERNET BROWSER ACCESS WITH WEBVUE • ARC Informatique’s WebVue, a light supervisory client accessed through a web browser • Based on Sun’s...

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Technical Highlights - 13

23. REMOTE DESKTOP SERVICES • Client / server architectures validated on Remote Desktop Services • PcVue clients via Microsoft RDC on iPhone, IPad, Smartphone or other operating system (CE, XPE, Linux etc.) • Assured redundancy of data acquisition servers 24. MOBILE ACCESS WITH TOUCHVUE • A web application designed for : - Smartphone - Tablets • Usable as a web portal for other platforms • Provides access to the PcVue variable’s tree : - Real-time values - Alarms - Historical event log - Historical trend data • Take advantage of PcVue user rights • Minimal configuration on the server side...

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