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Energy Management System - 2

ARC Informatique has been manufacturing and marketing industrial software for 30 years. ARC Informatique is the PcVue Solutions SCADA editor, offering software, hardware and application support as a global service to several markets, especially for energy. The open scalable software platform PcVue Solutions delivers full control and connectivity, implementing a large range of built-in drivers such as IEC61850 KEMA certified, IEC 61870,DNP3, Modbus TCP/IP, OPC, a rich graphical interface, an alarms and events logging system and reporting capabilities. Major players in the power...

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Energy Management System - 3

Why PcVue is worth a look? PcVue is a fully-featured product that represents the latest advances in SCADA software for multi-station monitoring and control. The new PcVue range has been designed using recommendations from integrators, OEMs and endusers, and based on ARC Informatique’s experience in the industrial automation sector. PcVue features modern ergonomics and tools based on object technology to minimize the time for application development, including the latest tools from Microsoft user interface standards and the security features of Windows® platforms. PcVue provides a flexible...

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Energy Management System - 4

Monitor and control your system efficiently while reducing the users training Extract value from data: Post mortem analysis and reporting The support of innovative run-time features such as dynamic busbar coloring or a GEO Map control for GIS decision making, enhanced the operator experience and efficiency. PcVue offers all the necessary tools for data extraction, stats and reporting to cover the need for information. PcVue records data to a SQLServer database with its built-in Historical Data Server which make the data available for short term or long term analysis and reporting. The user...

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Energy Management System - 5

Designed for supervising Power Systems Control PcVue Solutions technology provides a SCADA HMI platform for ensuring compliance with a reliable system for efficiently monitoring and controlling power generation and distribution assets. Command Processing Online / Offline Simulation Dynamic Busbar Coloring Power System Automation Drivers IEC 61870-5-104 Client IEC 61850 Client DNP3 Modbus IP OPC Open Connectivity 2D / 3D graphic libraries BUSBAR Coloring GIS MAP Control Ready-to-use graphic animations Load shedding & peak shaving monitoring Events Management System & User Activity Logging...

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Energy Management System - 6

  Thanks to the flexibility provided by the PcVue suite we have been able to manage the integration of a very high number of different control systems in many different environments resulting in an homogeneous supervision of a huge number of real-time variables. To date, and besides other standalone conventional generation facilities also using PcVue, about 300 PcVue nodes are combined in Iberdrola to supervise all its renewable assets around the world.  Success keys Business Challenge To make the information from the wind farms available remotely To ensure an ever efficient service...

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Energy Management System - 7

Few snapshots of some of our international references Alstom Wind / Worldwide WindAccess™ solution for real time monitoring of wind turbines DESCRIPTION PcVue is used as a part of the WindAccess™ solution developed by Alstom wind for realtime monitoring of wind Turbines. Wind Access™ has been designed for greater connectivity and efficiency. Thanks to the system’s web-based interface, operators can access their wind farms from any location at any time, while the system’s open communication protocols enable the wind farm’s easy integration with all other renewable assets in the operator’s...

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Energy Management System - 8

PDVSA / Venezuela Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority / United Arab Emirates The Sistema Eléctricode Oriente (SEO) project for Substations Automation System Control & protection system for optimized management of energy transport The Sistema Eléctricode Oriente(SEO) project of the company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) is engaged in substations automation in Eastern Venezuela. The project goal is the automation for 140 substations working at 138kV with a first step with 36 substations. SEO is a turnkey project that was awarded to the company PLC de Venezuela by PDVSA. The objective is to...

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Energy Management System - 9

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