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ARBITER SYSTEMS POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Model 931A Power System Analyzer Model 930A Three Phase Power Analyzer Model 929A Three Phase Power Meter Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Models 931A, 930A, and 929A, with state-of-the-art PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis, make more measurements, more accurately, more easily, and at a lower price than ever before. Basic accuracy of 0.05% of reading and 0.05° phase, harmonic analysis, and full three-phase capability are standard on all three models. The 930A and 931A also incorporate full two-way serial communication for use in power quality trend monitoring. For complete power system analysis, the 931A also includes transducer calibration and timer features. Portability Thanks to the high level of integration made possible with PowerDSA™, our instruments are lighter, smaller, and run longer on a charge than any others in this class. Smaller than a lunchbox and weighing only 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs), you can take any of our PowerDSA™ instruments with you wherever you go, operate it continuously for a full eight-hour shift from its internal sealed lead-acid battery, and then recharge it completely in eight hours. Safety Built in a rugged, nonconductive, high-impact polyethylene case, and with all inputs isolated from instrument common by transformers, optical isolators or high-value series resistors, these instruments were designed with safety in mind. A front-panel ground terminal provides a sink for leakage currents. Convenience The outstanding features do not end with lightweight, measurement flexibility, or unprecedented accuracy. Many other user conveniences ease your workload. • Bright, easy to read CCFL-backlit graphic display, with big, easy-to-read numeric results • STORE, RECALL and LAST SETUP capability • Built-in HELP text • Opto-isolated serial interface (Models 931A and 930A) • LOG DATA to internal memory (or an RS-232 printer with Models 931A and 930A), time and date tagged from the internal real-time clock Accessories Available accessories include a 400 Amp 20:1 precision CT, mounting brackets to provide for mounting of CTs inside the cover of the transit case, a wide selection of test leads, an adjustable tilt handle/bail assembly for the transit case, and an RS-232 cable. All of this, and more, is ready to help you do your job better and in less time. Put an Arbiter Systems® Model 931A, Model 930A, or Model 929A, all with PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis, to work for you soon! Arbiter Systems, Inc. ■ 1324 Vendels Circle, Suite 121 ■ Paso Robles, CA 93446 ■ USA Tel: +1.805.237.3831 ■ Fax: +1.805.238.5717 ■ E-mail: sales@arbiter.com ■ Internet: http://www.arbiter.c

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS ARBITER SYSTEMS Model 931A/930A/929A Basic Measurements CHI Rms Power Quantities APPARENT POWER POWER FACTOR Harmonics Waveform Display Timer (Model 931A) The 931A, 930A, and 929A measure all of the basic quantities: true-rms voltage and current, frequency and phase angle. PowerDSA™ analysis measures these quantities more accurately than ever before. Accuracy is 0.05% for voltage and current and 0.05° for phase. The proprietary PowerDSA™ narrow-band mode even measures the fundamental signal alone, rejecting the effects of harmonics and noise. In wide-band mode,...

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ARBITER SYSTEMS POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Transducer Calibration (Model 931A) TRANSDUCER CHl=Uan Wide-Band CT/PT Ratios Extended Measurement Ranges ACTIUE POWER REACTIUE POWER CHl=Uan Wide-Band Model 931 A/930A/929A The Models 931A, 930A, and 929A include a full three-phase input section, for automated three-phase measurement sequences. PowerDSA™ analysis measures two signals at a time, and the results are combined into four complete three-phase displays. You can select from the following three-phase display modes: • Basic three-phase display View voltage, current, phase, frequency...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS ARBITER SYSTEMS Model 931A Specifications Input Measurements Basic Inputs The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 931A Power System Analyzer has two main measurement channels, Channel 1 and Channel 2. Any voltage or current input signal may be selected for either channel. For basic measurements (voltage, current, frequency, phase angle) any combination of inputs may be used. For power and energy measurements (active power, apparent power, reactive power and power factor), one voltage and one current must be selected. For three-phase measurements, the input...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Model 931A Specifications General Measurements (Continued) Order No. PD0017400 P01R-P10R CA0019806 812H Order No. 09311A AS0036000 AS0060000 AS0035901 813AT 816AT 0.01 to 999999 cycles Accuracy 0.005% of reading + 1 digit AC Trigger Add 1 ms max., 0.15 ms at 120 Vrms Operator Interface Display 240x64 graphic LCD with cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlight Keyboard 21 function keys plus On/Off Memory EEPROM (calibration data) Battery backup RAM (setup and stored results) Real-time clock Data Instrument calibration data User setups (up to six)...

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ARBITER SYSTEMS POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 930A Three Phase Power Analyzer is an economical alternative to the Model 931A Power System Analyzer when the dc voltage measurement, transducer calibration and timer features are not required. The Model 930A has the same ac accuracy as the Model 931A with PowerDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis. The Model 930A with serial communication capability and available application software, in conjunction with a laptop computer, is a valuable tool for use in power quality trend monitoring, as well as being a complete diagnostic...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS POWERCSV SOFTWARE Enhance the performance of your Model 931A Power System Analyzer or Model 930A Three Phase Power Analyzer with the new PowerCSV software (order number AS0060000). The PowerCSV software allows a computer, via the serial port, to import and view data from the extended memory of the Models 931A and 930A. The PowerCSV also has the ability to export a comma-delineated file of the data for easy viewing in any spreadsheet program. Requires that the Optional 16 MB of Internal Data Memory is installed. The PowerCSV software is available on our web...

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