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ARBITER SYSTEMS Time and Frequency Specifications subject to change. Enhanced Performance and Security The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1202B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock is a multi-satellite system (GPS/ GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou) timing source for precision applications. Arbiter Systems' next-generation substation clock provides enhanced performance and security (EPS) while supporting the standard outputs and popular options of our existing clocks. EPS benefits include multi-system timing sources, standard holdover oscillator, multiple levels of user security, secure communications, and anti-spoofing technology. The Model 1202B/C is compatible with Arbiter Systems' earlier clock models, supporting the same legacy options and outputs, while enabling the transition to a more secure device. The Model 1202 is available in two versions. The Model 1202B has eight status LEDs, an LCD setup/ status back-lit display, and a keyboard. The Model 1202C adds a large (20 mm or 0.8 in) LED time display. Both versions have 72 receiver channels, capable of tracking all visible GNSS satellites simultaneously, providing optimum performance. The Model 1202B/C has 100 ns worst-case accuracy to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications from relay synchronization to synchrophasor timing. The standard holdover oscillator maintains 1 ms/24 h accuracy when not tracking satellites. In addition to enhanced performance, Arbiter Systems' new EPS technology provides six levels of user security selectable from Level 0 security (none) to Level 5 security (front panel display, keyboard, and legacy serial commands disabled). Spoofing concerns are a thing of the past with patent pending anti-spoofing algorithms, multi-system satellite tracking, and holdover oscillators that limit the time error to the holdover oscillator specification. If spoofing is suspected/detected, the user is alerted by the ALARM indicator. Six BNC outputs (3 programmable high-drive and 3 jumper configurable) provide IRIG-B unmodulated, 1 PPS, and Programmable Pulse, Modulated IRIG-B outputs along with an Event Input. The three high drive outputs are independently set to any of the programmable pulse modes and provide ±125 mA of drive current. The three configurable outputs are selectable for 5 V CMOS bus drivers (± 75 mA drive capability); 4 Vpp, 20 ohms source impedance (IRIG-B modulated only) drivers; or an event timer channel with 100 ns resolution. The event function may be driven by the start bit of a received character on the serial port or an external 5 V CMOS/TTL signal on one of the bNc connectors. The Model 1202B/C comes standard with one DB-9 communication port and the option to add a second port. An RS-422/485 transmit only driver is standard on the main communication port. Two SPDT (form C) fail-safe relays are also included and are configurable to Out-of-Lock, Fault, Alarm, Stabilized, or Programmable Pulse. The Model 1202B/C accepts one or two power supplies in a redundant configuration. Standard power options include a universal 100 Vac to 240 Vac/100 Vdc to 350 Vdc or 24 Vdc to 48 Vdc supplies with secure terminal strip inlets and surge-withstand capability. The surge-withstand network is designed to meet aNsI/IEEE C37.90-1 and IEC 61000-4 specifications. Available options include Four Additional Configurable Outputs; High Drive IRIG-B Outputs; Power System Time, Frequency, and Phase Monitor; NTP/PTP Server. Arbiter Systems, Inc. ■ 1324 Vendels Circle, Suite 121 ■ Paso Robles, CA 93446 ■ USA Tel: +1.805.237.3831 ■ Fax: +1.805.238.5717 ■ E-mail: ■ Internet:

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ARBITER SYSTEMS Model 1202B/C Specifications ciK Receiver CharacteristicsI/O Configuration (Continued) Timing Accuracy Specifications apply at the 1 PPS/IRIG-B/PP outputs when receiving four or more satellites, as of date of publication. UTC/USNO ± 100 ns peak ± 40 ns typical Holdover Oscillator Standard OCXO, 1 ms/24 h Patents High-Reliability Holdover Method and Topologies: No. US 9,326,926 & US 9,979,406 B2 Position Accuracy 2 meters, rms Satellite Tracking Seventy-two (72) channel receiver: L1 GPS C/A, L1 GLONASS CT, Galileo, BeiDou. Acquisition 55 seconds, typical, cold...

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Model 1202B/C Specifications Interface Power Requirements Operator Display 2 x 20 character supertwist LCD White LED backlight 20 mm (0.8 in) LED; 6 digits (Model 1202C) Functions Time and date Antenna status and position Timing status System status Status LEDs Normal (green) Learn (orange) Unlocked (red) Alarm (red) Operate (green) Power A (green) Power B (green) Fault (red) Keypad 8 keys; select display functions or setup menus Setup COM 1 (RS-232 port 1) Local time offset Out-of-Lock Time Relay Configuration Backlight Control Event/Deviation Programmable Pulse System...

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Model 1202B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock - 4

ARBITER SYSTEMS Model 1202B/C Specifications Options One option can be selected from each of the categories listed below; except Power Supply which accommodates two. One power supply and holdover oscillator must be specified. Description Order No. Power Supply Terminal Power Strip, Surge Withstand, 100 Vac to 240 Vac, 100 Vdc to 350 Vdc A01/B01 Terminal Power Strip, Surge Withstand, 24 Vdc/48 Vdc (22 Vdc to 67 Vdc) A02/B02 Holdover Oscillator Holdover OCXO 1 ms/24 h C01 Main Board I/O Single Configurable Fiber-Optic Output D01 Slot A Slot B Four Configurable Outputs F01 Four...

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