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TIMING AND FREQUENCY PRODUCTS Specifications subject to change without notice The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1094B GPS Substation Clock is a GPS timing source for substations which includes as standard the most common configuration options found in our other models. The Model 1094B with 250 ns (typical < 100 ns) worst-case accuracy meets the most demanding substation requirements, including synchrophasors. The Model 1094B has 4 LEDs to monitor operating status, a 2 x 20 character LCD setup/status display and a keyboard. The Model 1094B also comes equipped with a front panel screwdriver-slot power switch and white LED backlight. The four outputs, with both BNC and 5 mm pluggable terminal strip connectors connected in parallel, are configurable to high-drive 5 Vdc (250 mA at > 4 V); IRIGB12x modulated; or 300 volt open drain MOSFET signals. The high-drive 5 Vdc signal and the MOSFET outputs are selectable to: IRIG-B00x level-shift, 1 PPS, or programmable pulse A or B functions. All of the outputs have substantial drive capability to easily drive multiple loads in parallel. Standard features include a GPS Data Backup Battery, one Form C fail-safe relay, two serial communication ports and Event Capture capability. The GPS Data Backup Battery maintains the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data in the 12-channel GPS receiver to speed acquisition. Satellites are acquired in as little as 15 seconds after a brief power loss. One Form C (SPDT) fail-safe, relay is jumper selectable to Fault, Unlocked or Programmable Pulse functions and is compatible with 129 Vdc digital fault recorder inputs. Two RS-232 and RS-422/485 (transmit only) ports are available via two 9-pin D-subminiature connectors. The Event Capture records events triggered from the dedicated, optically isolated rear panel input or from either serial port receive line with 100 ns resolution. Power options include 85 Vac to 264 Vac or 110 Vdc to 370 Vdc with an IEC-320 detachable cordset, 85 Vac to 250 Vac or 110 Vdc to 350 Vdc terminal strip inlet with surge withstand, or 10 Vdc to 60 Vdc terminal strip inlet with surge withstand. The terminal-strip versions have a surge-withstand network designed to meet ANSI/ IEEE C37.90-1 and IEC801-4 specifications. All power configurations may be retrofitted in the field. Arbiter Systems, Inc. · 1324 Vendels Circle, Suite 121 · Paso Robles, CA 93446 · USA Tel: +1.805.237.3831 · Fax: +1.805.238.5717 · E-mail: · Internet:

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Model 1094B GPS Substation Clock - 2

TIMING AND FREQUENCY PRODUCTS Receiver Characteristics Timing Accuracy Specifications apply at the 1 PPS output, with US Department of Defense Selective Availablility (SA) as of date of publication. UTC/USNO ± 250 ns peak; < ± 100 ns typical (SA off) Position Accuracy 10 meters, rms, 90 % confidence Satellite Tracking Twelve (12) channel, GPS-L1, C/A code (1575.42 MHz). Receiver simultaneously tracks up to twelve satellites. Acquisition 150 seconds typical, cold start 15 minutes, 90 % confidence, cold start 40 seconds, typical, with almanac < 1 month old 15 seconds, typical, with ephemeris...

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Model 1094B GPS Substation Clock - 3

TIMING AND FREQUENCY PRODUCTS Model 1094B Specifications Power Requirements Interface Operator Display Functions Status LEDs Keyboard Setup 2 x 20 character supertwist LCD White LED backlight Time: UTC or local Position: latitude, longitude, elevation Clock status 1 PPS (input) deviation Event time Operate (green) Stabilized (green) Unlocked (red) Fault (red) Eight keys Local time offset IRIG Setup: Local/UTC/1344 Daylight Saving Time: On/Off/Auto Backlight control: On/Off/Auto Event input: Event/1 PPS deviation Programmable Pulse setup Antenna Cable delay Out-of-lock time: 1 min. to 99...

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Model 1094B GPS Substation Clock - 4

TIMING AND FREQUENCY PRODUCTS Model 1094B Specifications Accessories Options Power Options (select only one) Option Description Order No. IEC-320 Power Inlet, 85 Vac to 264 Vac, 110 Vdc to 370 Vdc 1094opt07 Terminal Power Strip, Surge Withstand, 10 Vdc to 60 Vdc 1094opt08 Terminal Power Strip, Surge Withstand, 85 Vac to 250 Vac, 110 Vdc to 350 Vdc 1094opt10 Cordset and Plug Styles The following are the available IEC-320 mating cordset plug style and specifications: No. Country Specification Rating P01 Continental Europe CEE 7/7 220V P02 Australia/NZ/PRC AS 3112-1981 240V P03 U.K. BS 1363...

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