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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Portable Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis BuiltbyPowerProfessionals, ForPowerProfessionals The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 933A Portable Power Sentinel ™ is the most accurate and most affordable portable power quality meter in the industry. The proprietary EnergyDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis algorithms allow the user to measure or record harmonics, flicker (per IEC 61 000-4-1 5, P ST and Instantaneous), K-factor, and interruptions. The data logging capabilities allow the user to specify which data to log as well as when to log the data, continuously or when user specified thresholds are exceeded. The high accuracy, portability and data logging capabilities make the Portable Power Sentinel ™ the perfect field analyzer for the power quality engineer. Thanks to the high level of integration made possible with EnergyDSA™ , the Model 933A Portable Power Sentinel ™ combines multiple capabilities into one compact, light weight instrument. Weighing less than 5.8 kg (1 2.8 lbs), the Portable Power Sentinel ™ is a power quality monitor, a data and event logger, a system monitor, and a revenue meter designed to accompany you wherever you go and operate continuously for a full eight-hour shift. Primarily designed for the power engineer, the Portable Power Sentinel ™ measures and records harmonics, flicker, K-factor, and interruptions. In addition to these measurements, the Portable Power Sentinel ™ has the ability to measure system time, phase, frequency, and phasors. When synchronized using the IRIG-B IEEE1 344 unmodulated input or the GPS input, the Model 933A is capable of accurate revenue metering and synchrophasor analysis per the IEEE-1 344. Pre-fault data is buffered for a half second allowing for accurate fault recording and event driven data analysis. The host processor and the DSP each have 1 28 MB of memory which provides ample space for data storage. The Model 933A Portable Power Sentinel ™ includes a 320 x 240 graphic LCD display with a CCFL backlight, a 30-key multifunction keypad, adjustable tilt-handle/bail assembly, RS-232 cable, safety ground cable, and power cord. Communications are made via an RS-232 or USB 1 .1 port that supports proprietary protocols. Both the host and DSP processors have 1 28 MB of flash memory. The host processor memory stores all data types available including fault data (1 /sec and 20/sec) and register data. The DSP memory is primarily for waveform storage with data for all channels continuously stored at approximately 1 70 samples per cycle, a fixed pre-fault window of 0.5 seconds, and a maximum of about 1 000 seconds (1 7 minutes) of data storage. The 933A is powered by either NiMH batteries (8 hours typical run time) or an external power supply (85 to 264 Vac or 1 1 0 to 370 Vdc). Available options include remote GPS receiver synchronization for 1 µs timing accuracy allowing for increased revenue accuracy, optically isolated event inputs, flexible CT inputs, direct current inputs, and programmable KYZ output contacts. Available accessories include a USB cable and a wide selection of test leads. Arbiter Systems, Inc. · 1 324 Vendels Circle, Suite 1 21 · Paso Robles, CA 93446 · USA Tel: +1 .805.237.3831 · Fax: +1 .805.238.571 7 · E-mail: sales@arbiter.com · Internet: http://www.arbiter.com

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Model 933A Specifications Input Power Quality Range (3Ø/1 Ø) 1 to 650 Vrms, selectable (phase-tophase for 2 and 2½ element; phase-to-neutral for 1 and 3 element) Overrange 1 200 V peak, nominal Model 933A-01 20 Amp direct input module Range (3Ø/1 Ø) 0.05 to 20 Arms, selectable, per element Low range 1 mA to 1 A Overrange 40 A peak, nominal (maximum continuous input current: 20 Arms per element) Range Harmonics Voltage Current Insulation 2 nd to 50th (50 or 60 Hz) Per IEC 61 000-4-7, 1 00 ms overlapping data window Measurements THD, K-factor, sags, swells,...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Model 933A Specifications Accuracy Note: Accuracy specifications include all sources of uncertainty. Except as noted, specifications apply for the full operating range, including temperature (-1 0° to +50° C), line voltage, input range including specified overrange, power factor, input frequency, and drifts over a one-year calibration interval. Specifications assume synchronization to GPS and operation in 3-element mode or in a wellbalanced system where imbalance does not degrade accuracy. Watts, Wh 0.05% of reading, for voltage 7 to 650 Vrms and current 1 0 mA...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Interface Operator Display General 320 x 240 graphic LCD display with CCFL Backlight 30 keys: 5 soft function, 7 dedicated function, 5 cursor control, power on/off and 1 2 key numeric key pad Physical Size 205 x 305 x 225 mm (8 x 1 2 x 8.75 in.) 483x483x305mm (16x16x12 in.), shipping 5.8 kg (1 2.8 lbs), maximum 9.1 kg (20 lbs), shipping Environment Temperature Humidity Power Requirements Internal Battery IRIG-B Unmodulated Input Type Operation Charging Standby Use External Power Acquisition Accuracy TTL-Level Shift per IEEE-1 344 As output from an Arbiter...

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POWER CALIBRATORS AND METERS Input Modules CT Input Module, 20 Amp Direct with 5-way Binding Posts 933Aopt01 CT Input Module with Banana Connectors. Uses standard shrouded CT Input Module with Audio Connectors CT Input Module, 20 Amp Direct with 5-way Binding Posts AS0074100 Safety Ground Lead 812H RJ-11 Cable, Four-Pin Crossed CA0023600 CT Input Module with 5-way Binding CT Input Module with Banana CT Input Module with Audio Connectors CT Cable, Current Output CA0027100 CT Cable, Voltage Output CA0027200 Remote GPS Receiver with Mounting Remote GPS Receiver Extender Accessories (Continued)...

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