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SYNCHRONIZED POWER QUALITY/REVENUE STANDARDS Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis • Synchronized via GPS • Revenue Accuracy: 0.025% • Power Quality: Harmonics, Flicker, Interruptions • Phasor Measurements for Stability & Flow Analysis • System Time & Frequency Deviation • Internal Data/Event Logging • Two Year Warranty Specifications subject to change without notice. Take a bite out of power problems and lost revenue with the Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ multifunction measurement unit. Combining six functions into one compact, 44 mm (1.75 in.) tall unit, the Model 1133A offers unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, and features. Revenue Metering With utility deregulation, accurate energy measurement is increasingly important. For the first time, Arbiter Systems®, Inc. combines state-of-the-art measurement techniques, proprietary EnergyDSATM technology, and the accurate, cost-effective time synchronization of our precision GPS clock products in the Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ multifunction measurement unit. The Model 1133A brings laboratory performance to the substation, delivering unprecedented revenue accuracy of 0.025% under most conditions. Compare this to traditional watthour meters which are limited to an accuracy of no better than 0.1% in the lab, with increasing errors as conditions depart from the ideal (see figures next page). The Model 1133A measures revenue more accurately than any meter ever before. The difference between 0.025% and 0.1% is surprising. With many transmission lines wheeling thousands of megawatts of power, the difference in accuracy of 0.075% translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year’s time. Even at lower power levels, improved accuracy yields significant revenue enhancement. Power Quality Monitoring The Model 1133A’s features only begin with its outstanding accuracy in energy measurement. Our proprietary EnergyDSATM digital signal analysis algorithms provide you with more information than ever before. You can measure harmonics and K-factor, flicker, interruptions, and log data by time interval, or record out-of-limit events with time of occurrence. You can set limits on any quantity. Also, an alarm contact may be activated, or a dial-up modem call initiated. System Control and Monitoring The Model 1133A measures system (absolute) phase angle, system frequency deviation, and system time deviation. See the white paper "Absolute Phase". Phasor measurement data in accordance with IEEE Standard 1344, at a rate of 20 per second, is standard. This data allows for sophisticated, real-time monitoring and control of stability and power flow. These measurements are made possible with the Model 1133A’s internal GPS synchronization. Synchronization A built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite receiver synchronizes your Model 1133A within 1 µs of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which may also be converted to your local time. With synchronization, revenue data can be accumulated in intervals as short as one minute. Other substation equipment, such as digital fault recorders, solid-state relays, remote terminal units, and programmable logic controllers, may be synchronized with the standard IRIG-B unmodulated time code output. This output has sufficient power to drive numerous loads, for example, 40 SchweitzerTM SEL-321 relays. Data and Event Logging Thiry-two megabytes of flash memory are standard. This nonvolatile memory can record revenue data, power quality, internally detected faults, alarms, events, and external events. Four optically-isolated event inputs may be used to monitor external events. Arbiter Systems, Inc. · 1324 Vendels Circle, Suite 121 · Paso Robles, CA 93446 · USA Tel: +1.805.237.3831 · Fax: +1.805.238.5717 · E-mail: sales@arbiter.com · Internet: http://www.arbiter.com

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SYNCHRONIZED POWER QUALITY/REVENUE STANDARDS Model 1133A Technology Many years of experience making accurate ac signal measurements and providing state-of-the-art timing equipment is the heart of the revolutionary performance provided by the Model 1133A Power Sentinel™. For example, built-in, real-time autocalibration eliminates many sources of error that would otherwise degrade accuracy. This process measures the output of an internal calibration source, time-multiplexed along with the input signals. A complete set of calibration measurements is executed once each second. By passing the...

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SYNCHRONIZED POWER QUALITY/REVENUE STANDARDS Input (Continued) Configuration 3ø 3-element, 2½-element, 2-element, selectable 1ø 2-element, 1½-element, and 1-element, selectable Voltage Range (3ø/1ø) 0 to 69, 120, 240, or 480 Vrms, selectable (phase-to-phase for 2 element; phase-to-neutral for 2½ and 3 element) Overrange 88, 175, 350 or 700 Vrms, nominal Inputs Connections Current Range (3ø/1ø) 2.5, 5, 10, or 20 Arms, selectable, per element Overrange 2.9, 5.9, 11.7, or 23.5 Arms, nominal (maximum continuous input current: 20 Arms per element, all ranges) Operator Status LEDs Display...

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SYNCHRONIZED POWER QUALITY/REVENUE STANDARDS Model 1133A Specifications Interface (Continued) Programmable Contact Outputs Type and Form C (SPDT), four (4) sets Number Connections Pluggable 12-pole, 5 mm terminal strip, with four, 3-pole mating connectors included Rating 250 Vac/125 Vdc, 8 A maximum, 2000 VA/150 W maximum Optional KYZ (solid state) contact rating: 240 Vac, 120 mA, 800 mW max. Isolation 4000 Vrms for 1 minute to chassis Optional KYZ (solid state) contact isolation: 3750 Vrms Input/Ouput Functions, Programmable Load Control, with Selectable preset times or via system...

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SYNCHRONIZED POWER QUALITY/REVENUE STANDARDS Model 1133A Specifications Power Quality Harmonics Measurement Standard Per IEC 61000-4-7, 100 ms overlapping data window Measurements THD, K-factor, rms harmonic current and voltage, rms harmonic current and voltage with K-factor compensation (each harmonic magnitude is multiplied by the square of the harmonic number before summing), individual magnitude and phase Logged Data Selectable, may be regularly logged or registered; or event-logged when user-specified limits are exceeded Interruptions Logged Data Flicker Standard Logged data Limit...

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