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A FULL RANGE OF INTERCONNECTED EQUIPMENT WINEMAKING DATASHEET Aqualabo range covers all needs for complete and real time monitoring of winemaking process. PHYSICO-CHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS • H measurement : Essential tool on the technical steps of acidification or deacidification of wine in order P to target the optimal pH of the final wine. • Temperature measurement : Carried out at different stages of vinification and constitutes a guarantee of quality for wines. According to the type of wine desired, the winemaker cools or heats the musts. Aqualabo offers instruments, including quality sensors, real tool for decision-making and steering, constituting one of the solutions to achieve these objectives. • Conductivity measurement : Necessary during juice extraction phases (pressing) : Tracer of the qualitative evolution of the juices and allows to select the type of wine desired. The monitoring of conductivity allows to establish the level of treatment necessary to obtain the stability of the juice. Optimize quality, ensure regularity, produce wines in style and predefined characteristics include rigorous quality control and a mastery of the different stages of development. • issolved oxygen measurement : real strategic tool for decision-making for the implementation of D processes of supply of oxygen or technical itineraries validations (filtration, transfers…). The monitoring of the oxygen concentration is carried out at each stage of your production, maturation, preparation and packaging. • urbidity measurement : Measured throughout the process, it allows to ensure the final quality of the T wine. Qualitative control of the juices from the extraction which for white and rosé wines must not exceed 200 NTU. MEASURE AND QUALITY MONITORING OF WINES IN WINEMAKING PROCESS • Specific measurements • Easy-to-use and field-adapted devices • Quality instruments made in France • On site or workshop services REAL-TIME MONITORING AND CONTROL QUALITY MONITORING LEVEL MEASUREMENT • level measurement is necessary in the maceration tanks and alcoholic fermentation in red winemaking A process and at the level of settling/fining and racking in white wine process. MONITORING AND CONTROL • he remote management allows to automate, monitor and manage your facilities locally or remotely. It T ensures continuity and quality of process, a help to curative and preventive maintenance. • The Supervision associated with the remote controller allows to visualize and to remotely control the assembly of your facilities, manage and archive all collected data. Equipped with most modern means of communication you can dispose of all your information locally or nomadically.

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WHITE WINEMAKING PROCESS WINEMAKING DATASHEET Crushing / Destemming Alcoholic fermentation TARTARIC STABILIZATION TARTARIC STABILIZATION SETTLING / RACKING Malolactic Fermentation Alcoholic fermentation Malolactic Fermentation Racking / Sulphiting Aging / Maturation Aging / Maturation RACKING / ASSEMBLING TARTARIC STABILIZATION Digisens • Digital sensors 1 pH, 2 Temperature, 3 Oxygen, 4 Turbidity, 5 Conductivity 6 OPR P400XI 7 Date remote - Monitoring Internet, Ethernet, Wifi EXTRACTING JUICE EXTRACTING JUICE

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