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OUR STRENGTHS Aqualyse offers a wide range of products and services. Our first priority is to work with our clients in order to find the system which is best suited to the on-site conditions, one which meets your individual demands for the application. The goal is always the same: obtaining a representative sample.   SAMPLERS Samplers for Water and Wastewater • Portable Samplers for Field Use Sometimes samples must be taken in remote locations where there is no access to mains power. This is where battery-powered portable samplers are practical. They are available with passive or active...

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Samplers for Granular / Bulk Materials During the loading or unloading of ships, silos, etc. with fertilizer, plastic granules or similar material, a sampling system can retrieve a sample from the loading/discharging pipe. CONTACT AQUALYSE FOR MORE INFORMATION • Custom Sampling Solutions If a sampler suitable for your requirements cannot be found within our standard product range, Aqualyse can develop a customer-specific sampling solution just for you, in which both the system components and the software controlling them are customized. More information on pp. 18-19 SOFTWARE MODIFICATION...

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YOUR ADVANTAGES   SAMPLER CABINETS The modular design of Aqualyse stationary sampler cabinets allows for a variety of housing options: • Stainless steel AISI 304 • Stainless steel AISI 316Ti • Powder-coated stainless steel (all standard RAL colours) • Plastic If desired, cabinets can also be manufactured with nonstandard dimensions. Electrically-operated components such as pumps and the refrigeration unit are safely housed in dry compartments at the top of the sampler cabinet. In addition, the controller and other electronic components are further protected in a separate compartment with...

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  CONTROLLERS The microprocessor controller uses a menu-based format for the user interface, and is available in two models: Standard Controller • 4 x 20-character LCD display, with 4 cursor keys. Optional Advanced Controller • 128 x 128-pixel backlit graphic display, with 24 buttons including numeric keypad and direct function keys for program start, pause, stop, grab sample as well as custom function keys. 9 sampling programs can be • Activated and run simultaneously. With the advanced controller, up to 99 programs can run simultaneously. Both controllers can run programs for either...

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YOUR ADVANTAGES   DISTRIBUTOR XY Direct sample distribution with unmatched flexibility The Aqualyse XY Distributor is the original dual-axis sample distribution system, successfully in use for over 15 years. Sample bottles are accurately located using factory or user-preset coordinates, offering the user numerous benefits. Direct Bottle Filling By positioning itself directly above the sample bottle to be filled, the XY Distributor ensures each sample is deposited directly into the appropriate container, so that: • There is no distributor plate to clean and • Cross-contamination of samples...

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BABYNOX - BOTTLE COMBINATIONS AQUINOX - BOTTLE COMBINATIONS Composite Container (without distributor) 15.4 l PE 20 l PE 26 l PE With XY Distributor For multiple daily samples during the weekend: 2 x 10.4 l PE 4 x 6.4 / 12 l PE For 2-hour samples: 12 x 2.9 l PE 12 x 2 l glass 16 x 2 l PE 24 x 1 l PE 24 x 0.9 l glass For 2-hour & daily samples: 12 x 1 l + 1 x 10.4 l PE 12 x 2 l + 1 x 6.4 l PE 7 x 2 l + 14 x 1 l PE Composite Container (without distributor) 15.4 l PE 20 l PE 26 l PE 60 l PE With XY Distributor For multiple daily samples during the weekend: 4 x 10.4 / 15.4 / 20 / 25 l PE 5x12 l...

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PORTABLE SAMPLERS   AQUIBOX 1/12/24 Mobility and Automated Sampling The Aquibox is a portable water sampler which puts Aqualyse quality, performance and reliability into a compact and mobile package. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Aquibox features robust stainless steel construction throughout and IP65 protection for the controller and electronics. The vacuum sampling system standard in the Aquibox ensures maximum accuracy and can draw samples from depths of up to 7 metres, or up to 13 metres with optional equipment. The borosilicate glass metering vessel (more information...

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  AQUIFROID 1/12/24 AQUIFROID 1T AQUIFROID 12T WITH REFRIGERATION WITH REFRIGERATION • With Active Refrigeration Compressor refrigeration with R134a refrigerant • Compatible with power from: 110 - 240 VAC or 12 - 24 VDC • For ambient temperatures from 0 to +55°C • The ability to power the cooler by plugging it in to a standard vehicle power socket (12 VDC) ensures that samples are continuously refrigerated without interruption from the sampling point to the labor

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STATIONARY SAMPLERS   AQUITOP Extraordinary Flexibility In a Wall-Mounted Unit The Aquitop is a sampler of uncompromising Aqualyse quality and performance designed to be a compact and economical unit for simpler sampling applications. It can also be very well equipped with a variety of available options if desired. The Aquitop can be either mounted on an existing wall or on an optional support frame and XY Distributor which enables a large variety of sample bottle combinations. Just as with the largest Aqualyse samplers, as many as 48 1-litre bottles can be accommodated. Although designed...

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  BABYNOX The Most Compact All-Weather Sampler The Babynox stationary sampler is the most compact all-weather sampler featuring Aqualyse quality and offering nearly all the benefits of the larger Aquinox model. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Babynox features robust stainless steel construction throughout (for other housing options, see p. 6). With an insulated sample storage compartment and climate control system, the stored samples are preserved at the desired temperature (adjustable, preset at 3°C) with a high degree of accuracy, even in ambient temperatures down to -25°C...

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