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Datasheet - Winemaking oenological analyzes - 2 Pages

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Datasheet - Winemaking oenological analyzes

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WINEMAKING DATASHEET OENOLOGICAL ANALYZES Control the wine quality thanks to accurate and reliable equipments, here lies the main goal to enhance production. AQUALABO offers a range of instruments and reagents for wine making and oenology. INSTRUMENTATION SPECTROPHOTOMETRY HANDHELD MULTIPARAMETER Uvilne Serie : for all your UV-Visible spectrophotometric analysis Odeon multiparameter with sensors (pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, temperature) Uviline 9300/9600 With reference beam Uviline connect 810/910/940 Remote control with computer or tablet LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Aqualabo offers a large number of items to equip your laboratory, from the small bench material to the furniture. Do not hesitate to browse our catalog or consult us for all the equipment you need.

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CHEMICAL PRODUCTS AQUALABO also offers many reagents and solutions. They are manufactured in our laboratory and subject to rigorous control. We can customize these reagents with the label of your company. We can also make your reagents according to your own formulations. Sodium hydroxide N Sodium hydroxide N / 10 Fehling Liqueur Iodine N Iodine N / 10 Iodine N / 50 Iodide / iodate (KIKIO3) N / 50 Iodine / iodate (KIKIO3) N / 64 Starch indicator Methylene blue Phenolphthalein Phenol red Sulfuric acid 1/3 Sulfuric acid 1/10 Orthophosphoric Acid 25% Hydrochloric acid 1/4 Hydrochloric acid 1/2...

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