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Aqualabo Rental Range

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PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY PHYSICO-CHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS PORTABLE DEVICE ODEON Autonomy: up to 2 months WATER QUALITY MONITORING PHEHT / EHAN pH / ORP / Temperature MES5/VB5 Suspended solid / Sludge blanket Local measurements • Mono or multi-parameters handheld device DIGITAL SENSORS • Ability to integrate up to 4 digital sensors by Ultra-low power consumption • Portable photometer version OPTOD Stainless steel or Titanium Optical Oxygen GSM communicating version • Battery-powered Datalogger • Suitcase with mains power supply PORTABLE PHOTOMETER • Instrumented buoy - up to 4 digital sensors Sales...

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PORTABLE SAMPLERS ISOTHERM AND REFRIGERATED PORTABLE SAMPLERS ISOTHERM SAMPLERS Mono or multi-bottles • Several bottles available (according to the model) : 9.5L PE or glass, 24x1L, 19L PE ... • Sample history REFRIGERATED SAMPLERS • Leaded battery power supply or suitcase with rechargeable battery or electric main Multi-bottles • Analysis of the evolution of turbidity (optical method) along a sedimentation column, and over time. Compliant with the RSDE directive • Dam hunt, flood, watershed... • Compatible with ISCO 3700 sampler IN-PLUVIA AUTONOMOUS SAMPLER PORTABLE CURRENTMETERS WATER...

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FLOWMETERS OPEN CHANNEL MEASUREMENT BUBBLE FLOWMETER Bubble flowmeter • Waste water networks diagnostic • Possibility to enslaving a sampler, a rain gauge or other impulse sources • Leaded battery power supply or suitcase with rechargeable battery or electric main AREA VELOCITY FLOWMETER PCM4 Cross-correlation area velocity flowmeter • Diagnostic of parasitic water, channel volumes, in-situ controls, determination of spilled volumes, estiablishement of drain plans... Ultrasonic cross correlation sensor • Slight to heavily polluted media in part filled and full pipes and channels •...

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LEVEL MEASUREMENT FIELD RECORDER PRESSURE AND LEVEL MONITORING • Networks diagnostic and sectorization • Overflow monitoring: quality of stormwater overflows, sewage plants... • Local recording version or GSM communicating version Level sensor 0-150 mbar Overflow detector • Luminous and acoustic piezometric probe - Lengh 50 meters DATALOGGER GSM Autonomy : Up to 5 years CORAL LUMINOUS PROBE LEVEL RECORDER WITH 0-1 BAR SENSOR RAIN GAUGE RAIN GAUGE RAIN GAUGE WITH TIPPING BUCKET • Stormwater monitoring: Quantity and intensity • Connection to field recorder or Bubble flow

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INSTRUMENTATIONS PRESSURE MEASUREMENT AND FLOWMETER FOR FIRE POST Fire post plugs • Diameter 65 or 100 mm SMOKE GENERATOR • Non-conformity detection in sewage networks • Control of cooling ducts SMOKE GENERATOR PUMPING TIME MEASUREMENTS AMPEROMETRIC CLAMPS WITH RECORDER • Amperometric clamps • Volumes recording • Aquamonitor Software SAMPLING PUMP • Groundwater monitoring • Possible installation in small diameter density drilling (50mm) • Sampling up to 90 meters depth

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QUICK AND SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR DIAGNOSTICS AND FACILITIES MONITORING For punctual or long-term measurement campaigns, or test equipment, trust in Aqualabo for your rental projects. Quick delivery Quality We ensure a continuous and rigorous control under ISO 9001 certification. After each use, the material is cleaned, disinfected and checked on test benches before restocking. Certificates of control and conformity issued upon request. Technical Support Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you and answer all your questions : problem on a current rental, a doubt about the...

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