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AQUALABO - Process Range

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The word of the president I am glad to introduce you our new catalog ! Our water quality sensors, venture flumes, samplers, telemetry systems and analyzers are proudly designed and made in France. Our brands Perax, Ponsel and Aqualyse have a long experience in the development of water instrumentation. You will discover in this updated document our new brand name and sister company, Supratec, for online instrumentation. Offering a universal water quality controller and unique solutions for disinfection parameters, we now have a complete range for water control. Aqualabo is a strong leader in...

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Digital controllers & probes Water samplers Flowmeters Levelmeters Communication Instrumentation GmbH —    BYAQUALABO    ■ .    .    ...    - . .. 2018 Edition. This edition supersedes all previous editions. The characteristics of the products featured in this catalogue are suceptible to change without notice. Photographs are not contractual.

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Venturi flumes, weirs and thresholds Water samplers Level measurement Data loggers AQUALABO – Data remote / software

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Digital controllers & probes DIGITAL SENSORS DIGISENS, Smart sensors for water control Advantages • niversal communication Modbus RS485 / SDI-12 U • ompatible with all types of transmitters, recorders, remote control, controller equipped with a RS485 input or SDI-12 ... C • ntegrated transmitter (recording of calibration data, history and measurement processing in the sensor) I • ltra-low power technology U Digital communication the DIGISENS sensors can connect to any type of recorder, transmitter or controller with a Modbus RS485 input, making data transfer more reliable. More than 248...

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Interface Signal: RS485 Modbus or SDI-12, Sensor power supply: to 5-12 volts, Max. 5 bars, Cable 9 armoured connectors, polyurethane sheath, bare wire, Protection: IP 68 Digital controllers & probes Accessories CALSENS Software : CALSENS software is designed for the optimization and exploiting the data of the PONSEL DIGISENS range (digital sensors). Simple, friendly and intuitive this is a support to configure the sensors, the calibration menu, to follow in real time the measurement of the selected parameters and to record the measured parameters. Box of communication and power supply mono...

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Digital controllers & probes PHEHT: PH, ORP & TEMPERATURE, DIGITAL technology for optimized measures The PHEH sensor has been designed to perform under hard conditions from pure mountains water with conductivity as low as 20 μS/cm, lakes and rivers (100 – 2000 μS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm and to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200 mS/cm. This sensor features a “long life” reference. The Plastogel® PONSEL technology increase the lifetime of the probe the need to refill. This sensor has been designed also for handheld and in situ applications which have been the...

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EHAN: ANNULAR ORP SENSOR, ORP potential and temperature • Combination sensor: ORP & Temperature • Measuring ranges: ORP: - 1000 to + 1000 mV; T ° C: -10.00 to + 50.00 ° C • Interchangeable Cartridge with "PLASTOGEL®" • Digital communication RS-485 Modbus Digital Technology The electrolyte "PLASTOGEL®" of DIGISENS Ponsel sensor communicates directly with the external environment without interposition of capillary or porous. There is therefore no risk of clogging or reference defusing. Temperature: Measures via CTN Digital controllers & probes Applications Treatment of urban waste water...

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Digita1 c°ntr°U.ers & probes C4E: CONDUCTIVITY/SALINITY. Digital technology for optimized measures • Mounting at 4 electrodes: The electrode works with a technology in 4 electrodes: an alternating current of constant-voltage is established between a primary's pair of electrodes in graphite. The secondary's electrodes in platinum allow of regulate the voltage imposed to primary's electrodes to reflect of the fouling. The voltage measured between the primary's electrodes is in function of the resistance of place and so, of the conductivity. • Digital Technology: The "smart" Digital C4E sensor...

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Digital controllers & probes Digital controllers & probes • Measured parameters: Conductivity compensated in temperature (mS/cm), Conductivity non-compensated in temperature (mS/cm), Salinity (g/Kg), Temperature (°C) • Inductive method: A ring-type coil is excited at fixed intervals and the response is retrieved on a second coil, which is linked to the excited coil. The connectivity between the coils (determined by the degree of conductivity) takes place via the conducting solution. Economic and successful technology that requiring not enough maintenance and not consumable. • Digital...

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Digital controiiers & probesOPTOD: OPTICAL DISSOLVED OXYGEN, Optical technology for optimized measurements Applications • Urban wastewater treatment • Industrial effluent treatment • Surface water monitoring • Drinking water Advantages • Optical Technology without calibration • Digital Technology (Modbus RS-485) • No drift, Reduced maintenance • Body in Stainless steel (316 L) or Titanium Optical technology The OPTOD (Optical Dissolved Oxygen technology) is based on luminescent optical technology. The OPTOD sensor is approved by the ASTM International Method D888-05 and Norm ISO...

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TITANIUM OPTOD, Optical digital dissolved oxygen sensor The Dissolved Oxygen sensor especially for seawater and corrosive environments. Applications • All applications in seawater, monitoring of coastal waters, estuaries, aquarium ... • Many applications in corrosive environments ... Digital controllers & probes Technical specifications measures References Optod digital sensor Odeon titanium Fisher plug 3m    PF-CAP-C-00240 Optod digital sensor Odeon titanium Fisher plug 7m    PF-CAP-C-00241 Optod digital sensor Odeon titanium Fisher plug 15m Optod custom titanium digital sensor Optod...

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