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Powering Performance in the Marine Industry


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Powering Performance in the Marine Industry - 3

Our mission is to make a critical and effective contribution to the efficiency, performance and reliability of our custo mers cooling, preheating and desalina-tion processes. We are committed to achieving this through the development and supply of unique technologies designed to meet the specific needs of our customers on a global scale.We support our customers for the entire lifetime of their APV equipment through a global team of highly qualified and ex perienced specialists with spe-cial know ledge of the needs of the marine industry. 3 The APV Global Marine has more than half a century...

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Powering Performance in the Marine Industry - 4

Corner lock patented auto-matic plate locking for S and M plates EasyClip֙ patented easy access features for gasket changes Bubble lock ֖ automatic plate locking for L and XL plates Distribution area 100% flow distribution maximises thermal efficiency APV marine plate heat exchanger solutions offer cooling for engine capa city varying from 200 kW to more than 100.000 kW. Specialised plate designs deliver maximum thermal efficiency with a minimum cleaning and maintenance requirement, and the patented EasyClip֙ gasket system effectively reduces service downtime and spare parts costs. The...

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Powering Performance in the Marine Industry - 5

All sea water pipes in Cu-Ni-Fer corrosion free materials Adjustable Pump for chemtank is standard equipment Full temperature and pressure monitoring package for complete overview and easy adjustment > Specially designed titanium desa lination plates for maximum efficiency with solid stainless steel end plates. The APV Water Desalination Unit combines heat transfer know-ledge and expertise with corrosion-free materials and complete process monitoring instrumentation, enabling high-capacity and efficient fresh water generation. 5 >

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Powering Performance in the Marine Industry - 8

Your local contact: APV Global Marine, An SPX Brand Platinvej 8, 6000 Kolding, Denmark Phone: +45 70 278 444 Fax: +45 76 324 156 Email: > For more information about our worldwide locations, approvals, certifications, and local representatives, please visit Corporation SPX Corporation reserves the right to incorporate our latest design and material changes without notice or obligation.Design features, materials of construction and dimensional data, as described in this bulletin, are provided for your information only and should not be relied upon unless...

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