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SIGMA G Graphite Heat Exchangers - 2

SIGMA G, the complement and alternative to high nickel alloys, Tantalum, Titanium for corrosive applications. Main markets • Pharmacy • Fine chemical • Agro chemical (pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer) • Steel industries (pickling and acid regeneration plant) • Petro chemical (plastics) Main applications • Heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation of corrosive medium • Waste acid, waste water and gas treatment (scrubber, falling film absorber, boiler) • Concentration, crystallization by evaporation with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid • Separation and purification of...

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SIGMA G Graphite Heat Exchangers - 3

Our grade GT-FLON is insensitive to solvents, organics which usually corrode traditional “phenolic resin” impregnated materials. Outperform in pharmaceutical batch processes, agro chemical, stainless steel pickling baths. Our Silicon carbide (SiC) offers an excellent alternative materials to metals, super-alloys for very corrosive applications (chlorine and bromine compounds) and high purity processes. Unlike metals, corrosion resistance is seldom affected by contaminants (chlorides, fluorides,...). Graphite PTFE Micrography of impregnated graphite structure ( x1000) Impregnation of...

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SIGMA G Graphite Heat Exchangers - 4

SIGMA G-BLOC : modular stacked graphite blocks • • • • • • • • • Compactness Modular construction Fast assembly / disassembly Standardized spare parts Possibility to use corrosive media on both side with a protective coating / lining on shell side Outstanding corrosion resistance (GT-KELITE / GT-CARB / GT-FLON) SHOCK PROTECT® design of blocks against water / steam hammering STABLE LOAD® design of compression spring against stress fatigue STRESS FREE® which avoid piping stress on graphite components Standard 8 barg, 200 °C. From 0.3 m2 to 800 m2. Customized higher design parameters available...

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