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Schmidt® SIGMASHELL All-Welded Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger Our SIGMASHELL all-welded plate and shell heat exchangers offer a unique combination of the ruggedness and high-pressure capability of a shell and tube with the compactness and high thermal efficiency of a plate heat exchanger. Features:  Cylindrical shell design to handle high-pressure applications  High thermal efficiency and surface density  Fishbone corrugation for superior high and low heat transfer characteristics  Shell construction flexibility - All-welded for a gasket-free design - Accessible to one or two sides for...

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Quality Construction Ensures Superior Performance and Reliability Our Schmidt® SIGMASHELL is a laser-welded design, providing greater cross-sectional weld area at minimum heat input and resulting in little change to material microstructure. Its smaller weld pool volume reduces the risk of sink holes and pores during solidification to prevent leaks. Our laser welding is more capable and stronger against failures along the circumferential weld seams. These advantages result in plate packs with a higher degree of integrity and a longer life cycle. from 150 (depending on number of plates and...

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Construction and ruction and Function Function ruction truction and Function Construction and Function Construction and Function Inlet and outlet on both sides Countercurrent flow Countercurrent flow Plate side deflection Cross flow Cross flow Co-current flow Co-current flow Shell and plate side deflection Construction and Function Connection plate Outlet (Shell side) Plate package Bolt Outlet (plate side) End cover Inlet (plate side) Shell head Gasket Shell flange Inlet (Shell side) Flow director Last plate

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ate Patterns Plate Plate Patterns Patterns H-Plate and L-Plate -plate: H-Plate small angle § H-plate:  Small angle - Higher transfer efficiency small angle àhigher transfer efficiency L-Plate àhigher transfer efficiency plate: Wide angle §L-plate: - Less pressure wide angle drop wide angle à less pressure drop à less pressure drop G-Plate G-plate:  Deeper corrugation depth and bigger channel width - Bigger cross section deeper corrugation depth plate: and bigger channel width deeper corrugation depth section à bigger cross and bigger channel width à bigger cross section Shell & Tube with...

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Accessible Plate Package  Inspection and cleaning up the plate package by opening the shell Plate Package  Laser-welded round plate pack  Latest technology for shell & plate heat exchangers  Huge joining cross section  Minimal heat input  Small heat-affected zone, small change in the material structure - Round laser-welded plate package shows an improved safety against leakage and less corrosion potential compared to other shell & plate heat exchangers - Higher design pressure can be

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Cleaning of Heat Exchangers When cleaning heat exchanger plates, fouling layers are removed from the heat transfer surface, i.e., deposits formed during operation, which hinder the heat transfer. During operation any combination of the following kinds of fouling are possible:  Crystallisation fouling  Particle fouling (also sedimentating fouling)  Corrosion fouling  Biological fouling For welded plate heat exchangers basically two cleaning methods can be used: Chemical cleaning Mechanical cleaning Depending on the design of the Plate & Shell heat exchanger, chemical cleaning can be...

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Heat transfer performance to the highest degree. We have a heritage of more than 140 years designing and delivering world-class heat transfer products for nearly every industry application. With a global network of manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices,we are ready to serve. Our market-focused approach enables us to work closely with you during every step of the process. The result? Value-added, custom-engineered solutions that help ensure your success. “What differentiates API Heat Transfer is the knowledge of the product—of our product and their product. When you want a heat...

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