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OCA Series - 1

Fluid Cooling Industrial & Mobile OCA Series Performance Notes ▪ Young Radiator – OCS interchange (approximate) ▪ American Industrial – AOCS interchange (approximate) ▪ High efficiency, light weight, low fouling extruded core design AIR COOLED OCA ▪ Rugged construction with a patented T-BAR brazed aluminum core captured in steel framing ▪ Both mobile and industrial applications ▪ High flow capacity; with a flow range from 20-500 GPM Option External pressure bypass ▪ Ability to handle high viscosity fluids like gear oil cooling ▪ Standard sizes available with short lead time ▪ Enclosed fan cooled standard – TEFC Maximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI (17 BAR) Maximum Operating Temperature 350°F (177°C) Fan Blade Composite with cast aluminum hub Cabinet Steel with baked enamel finish Connections Aluminum Motor Support Steel Shroud Steel Core Brazed aluminum Motor TEFC & Hydraulic motor Dimension Range Model Series OCA - Standard – Model Size Selected – External Bypass BLANK- No Bypass 30-30 PSI 60-60 PSI This is a partial flow pressure bypass only. It is not designed to be a full flow system bypass. apiheattransfer.com thermaltransfer.com – Specify Motor Required 0 -No Motor 3 -Three Phase 6 -575 Volt 9 -Hydraulic Motor 11 - Three PH Explosion Proof 18 - Three PH IEC 2 Material Options HC - Heresite Coating (Core) G - Galvanized Steel (Cabinet) SFG - Stainless Steel (Fan Guard)

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OCA Series - 2

Connection Conversion Kits - order as separate line item Part Number Use HC-G-SFG if all three add-ons are desired. Two Pass adapter kits already include cover plate. Ports do not come plugged unless specified at time of order. 2 Pass SAE (Flange Cover) Available for 2 Pass unit only. Pressure tolerance is (+5 PSI/-0 PSI). Consult factory for details. Consult Factory 2 Pass BSPP3 Fill Plug (#20 SAE) apiheattransfer.com thermaltransfer.com

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OCA Series - 3

External Pressure Bypass Option (Extra port is removed for bypass options) OCA 450 & 600 Flow Direction Check Valve Port 1" SAE Check Valve Port 1½" SAE Flow Direction Piping Diagram Performance Curves Heat Rejection (BTU/min@ 100°F ETD) O C A S eries T w o (GPM) s P erfo rm an ce Flow P as Heat Rejection (BTU/min@ 100°F ETD) Flow (GPM) apiheattransfer.com thermaltransfer.com

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OCA Series - 4

Selection Procedure Performance Curves are based on 50 SSU oil entering the cooler 100°F higher than the ambient air temperature used for cooling. This is also referred to as a 100°F Entering Temperature Difference (ETD). STEP 1 Determine the Heat Load. This will vary with different systems, but typically coolers are sized to remove 25 to 50% of the input nameplate horsepower. (Example: 100 HP Power Unit x .33 = 33 HP Heat load.) Convert HP to BTU/MIN: HP x 42.4 = BTU/MIN AIR COOLED OCA STEP 2 Determine Entering Temperature Difference (ETD). ▪ Determine heat load. Generally, about 25% to...

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OCA Series - 5

Specifications Electric Motor Data Nema Frame Full Load Amps (3 Phase Explosion Proof Class I Group D & Class II Group F&G) Model Nema Frame Full Load Amps Nema Frame Full Load Amps (3 Phase Metric/IEC) Model Nema Frame Full Load Amps Hydraulic Motor Data Hydraulic Motors Displacement (CUIN/REV) apiheattransfer.com thermaltransfer.com

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OCA Series - 6

T-BAR™ is a flexible design, high performing, and a costeffective aluminum solution. Tubular Micro Channel Extrusion (T-BAR) T-BAR is manufactured with Alloy 1100 aluminum micro channel and bars, with Zinc flame-sprayed extruded tubes and zinc alloy coated fins, in our patented in-house tube-to-bar brazing process using a Nocolok CAB (Controlled Atmosphere Brazing) brazing technology furnace. Because our tubes are a solid extrusion, T-BAR is very robust — with no tube seams to fail and leak. ▪ Flows high viscosity fluids T-BAR provides advantages and value far beyond typical aluminum core...

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