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BOL Series - 1

BRAZED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION Features ■ Bar and Plate Brazed Aluminum Core ■ Rugged, lightweight, and compact ■ Provides the best heat transfer per given envelope size while minimizing pressure drop ■ Air-side fin design minimizes fouling and static pressure ensuring longterm, reliable performance ■ Welded fittings/ports and manifolds ensure structural integrity ■ Standard SAE ports - NPT and BSPP ports available ■ Customized units are available to meet your specific performance requirements ■ T-BAR core optional for high viscosity oils or other highly fouling fluids. *See T-Bar Performance Curve Maximum Operating Pressure 250 psi (17 BAR) Maximum Operating Temperature 300° F (150° C) Petroleum/mineral oils Oil/water emulsion Water/ethylene glycol Mounting Feet Steel Standard Core Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate ■ Tanks - 5052 Aluminum ■ Nose Bar & Little Bar - 3003-H Aluminum ■ Air Fin, Plate, Turbulator & End Plate -3003-0 Aluminum Fanguard Steel Connectors Aluminum Fan Al uminum Hub, Plastic Blades Shroud Steel Model Model Size Selected Specify Motor Required 2 - Single Phase 3 - Three Phase 6 - 575 Volt 9 - Hydraulic 18 - IEC Three Phase Core blank - Standard Bar & Plate TB - T-BAR Core* Noise level blank - Standard Noise Level LN - Low Noise Level ulBAR *T-BAR Core option provides a T-BAR core in BOL frame. Used for high fouling or high viscosity fluids. Performance is typically 15-25% less than the bar and plate core. Consult factory for details. OPTIONAL T-BAR CORE SECTION CUTAwAY

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BOL Series - 2

Note: We reserve the right to make reasonable design changes without notice. Ail dimensions are in inches and (millimeters). Thermal Transfer Products

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BOL Series - 3

Specifications Electric Motor Information (60 Hz Nema Frame) Load T Full hermal S ound Voltage Phase Amps 230V 230 Frame Overload — Electric Motor Information (50 Hz IEC Frame) S ound All IEC frame motors have CE mark. IEC motor voltages have +/- 10% tolerance. Hydraulic Motor Information Oil Flow Min. Pressure Motor IN 3 /REV Sound Required Required (CM 3 /REV) dB(A) Model GPM (LPM) PSI (BAR) Displacement at 3 ft. Oil Flow Min. Pressure Motor IN 3 /REV Sound Required Required (CM 3 /REV) dB(A) Model GPM (LPM) PSI (BAR) Displacement at 3 ft. Notes: Maximum Pressure is 2000 psi. Stated...

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BOL Series - 4

Selection Procedure Step 1 Determine Heat Load. Typical Rule of Thumb, -size cooler for 1/3 of the input horsepower. Heat load may be expressed as either Horsepower or BTU/Hr or KW/°C. HP=BTU/HR ÷ 2545 Metric Version Corrected Heat Rejection Step 4 Select Model From Curves Enter the Performance Curves at the bottom with the GPM oil flow and proceed upward to the adjusted Heat Rejection from Step 3. Any Model or Curve on or above this point will meet these conditions. Step 2 Determine Entering Temperature Difference. Step 5 Calculate Oil Pressure Drop Find the oil pressure drop Entering oil...

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BOL Series - 5

Performance Curves BOL Models with Optional T-BAR Core -Bar Series BOL-T Performance Data Curve Op t ional T- Bar core sect ion cutaway Heat Rejection KW/°C Heat Rejection BTU/HR @ 100F ETD Note: Derate heat rejection values 15% if using 50Hz motors. Pressure Drop Oil Temperature Typical operating temperature ranges are: Hydraulic Motor Oil 120°F - 180°F (49°C - 82.2°C) Hydrostatic Drive Oil 160°F - 180°F (71°C - 82.2°C) Engine Lube Oil 180°F - 200°F (82.2°C - 93.3°C) Automatic Transmission Fluid 200°F - 300°F (93.3°C - 149°C) Correction Factor Desired Reservoir Temperature Oil Temperature:...

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BOL Series - 6

Performance Curves BOL Models with Low-Noise Option The low noise option offers the BOL models with a reduced motor speed. This allows a lower sound level output for noise-sensitive applications. Performance Data Curve Heat Rejection KW/°C Heat Rejection BTU/HR @ 100F ETD Available on 60 Hz Nema frame only. Sound Data Electric Motor Information Low Low Low Noise Noise Noise Model HP Frame RPM CFM CMM Voltage

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