AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive


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AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive - 1

Features ■ AO/AOVH Series with Hydraulic Motor ■ High Heat Removal ■ Heavy Duty Construction ■ Wide Flow Range ■ Heat Removal up to 210,000 BTU/Hr. ■ Long Life Hydraulic Motor ■ NPT Connections OPTIONS Built-in Relief Bypass Valve SAE or BSPP Connections Corrosion Resistant Coating Ratings Materials Operating Pressure 300 psi Test Pressure 300 psi Operating Temperature 400° F Tubes Copper Fins Aluminum Turbulators Steel Manifolds Steel Connections Steel Cabinet Steel with Baked Enamel Finish Fan Blade Aluminum with Steel Hub Fan Guard Zinc Plated Steel Fan Adapter Steel How to Order Model Series AOHM AOHMR AOVHM AOVHMR Model Size Selected Number of Passes** Blank - No Bypass 1 - One Pass* 2 - Two Pass Connection Type* Blank - NPT S - SAE Relief Bypass** Blank - No Bypass 30 - 30 psi 60 - 60 psi Foot Mounting Brackets Blank - No Brackets FB - Foot Brackets AOHMR - Relief Bypass Included AOVHMR - Relief Bypass Included (available in 2 pass only) ADD FOR AOHM & AOHMR MODELS ONLY *Other connection types available. Please consult factory for assistance. **ADD FOR AOHMR & AOVHMR MODELS ONLY

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AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive - 2

Dimensions Fan Rotating Clockwise/Facing Motor Shaft 1/2-13 UNC-2B 2 HOLES TOP, 2 HOLES BOTTOM (4 HOLES TOP, 4 HOLES BOTTOM AOHM 30, 35 & 40) Foot Brackets: Optional for AOHM Standard with AOVHM See dimensional chart for external NPT or optional internal SAE connection size. NOTE: We reserve the right to make reasonable design changes without notice. All dimensions are in inches.

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AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive - 3


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AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive - 4

Selection Procedure Desired Reservoir Temperature Performance Curves are based on 50 SSU oil entering the cooler 50°F higher than the ambient air temperature used for cooling. This is referred to as a 50°F E.T.D. Oil Temperature: Oil coolers can be selected using entering or leaving oil temperatures. Step 1 Determine the Heat Load. Heat load may be expressed as either Off-Line Recirculation Cooling Loop: Desired reservoir temperature is the oil temperature entering the cooler. horsepower or BTU/Hr. To convert horsepower to BTU/Hr.: BTU/HR = Horsepower x 2545 temperature is generally the...

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AOHM / AOVHM Hydraulic Motor Drive - 5

Built-In Relief Bypass Oil IN Oil IN (Medium to High Oil Flows) Model Number AOHMR Series Two Pass (Low to Medium Oil Flows) Model Number AOVHMR Series Two Pass Model Number Bypass valve is available for 2 pass AOVHMR models only. Installation Piping Diagrams One Oil Pass

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