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AOC DC Fan Drive - 1

FEATURES ■ AC Motors ■ Core Filter ■ 3/4” Tubes ■ Low Cost ■ Industrial Duty ■ Quiet Operation ■ For Low Flow Rates ■ Oil Flows to 150 GPM Mounting Brackets Included Single or Three-Phase 60/50 Hz Motors Filter Standard OPTIONS Built-in Serviceable Bypass Valve; NPT or BSPP Oil Connections Operating Pressure - 300 psi Test Pressure - 300 psi Operating Temperature - 350° F Tubes Copper Fins Aluminum Turbulators Aluminum Fan Blade Aluminum with steel hub Fan Guard Steel with black baked enamel finish Cabinet Steel with baked enamel finish Manifolds Copper: Model AOC-08 Steel: Models AOC-19 - AOC-70 Connections Brass: Model AOC-08 Steel: Models AOC-19 - AOC-70 Nameplate Aluminum Filter Stainless frame with washable media MODEL DESCRIPTION psi), two pass (60 psi), designs only. Valves are built into tubes and do not affect external dimensions. All steel valves. Non-serviceable. AOC-19 Available in 30 psi or 60 psi thru settings. 3/4", external, all steel servicing. AOC-37 Available in 30 psi or 60 psi Thru settings. 1-1/2", external, all AOC-70 steel valve. May be removed for Model Model Size Series Selected Passes Type 4 - Four Pass 3 - BSPP Relief Bypass* Specify Motor Blank - No Bypass Required 30 - 30 psi 115/230V Single Phase 60 - 60 psi No Motor *Bypass not available in Four Pass How to Order (Models AOC-19 through AOC-70) AOC Model Model Size Series Selected Relief Bypass Blank - No Bypass 30 - 30 psi 60 - 60 psi Specify Motor Required 115/230V Single Phase 208-230/460V Three Phase 575 Volt No Motor

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AOC DC Fan Drive - 2

Models AOC-37 Through AOC-70 Model NOTE: All dimensions in inches. We reserve the right to make reasonable design changes without notice. *lnlet and outlet oil ports reversible if relief bypass option is not used. NOTE: Amp ratings are per motor. Thermal Transfer Products

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AOC DC Fan Drive - 3

Horsepower heat load x Curve Horsepower Performance Curves are based on 50SSU oil leaving the cooler 40°F higher than the ambient air temperature used for cooling.This is also referred to as a 40°F approach temperature. Determine the Heat Load.This will vary with different systems, but typically coolers are sized to remove 25 to 50% of the input nameplate horsepower. (Example: 100 HP Power Unit x .33 = 33 HP Heat load.) If BTU/Hr. is known: HP = BTU/Hr 2545 Determine Approach Temperature. Desired oil leaving cooler °F - Ambient air temp. °F = Actual Approach Determine Curve Horsepower Heat...

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AOC DC Fan Drive - 4

Thermal Transfer Products

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