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Product Brochure 500 kHz to 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer 100 kHz to 6 GHz + Spectrum Analyzer Handheld Vector Network Analyzer + Spectrum Analyzer

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 2

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Overview Introduction The VNA Master™ MS202xB/3xB series is a compact handheld multi-function instrument that offers a portable yet powerful vector network analyzer, allowing you to do S-parameter analysis in the field ― anytime, anywhere. The MS203xB models also offer a high-performance spectrum analyzer with industry-leading low noise floor. Based on Anritsu’s 9th generation handheld platform, the VNA Master offers unmatched measurement breadth, depth, and precision; reducing the number of different tools needed to analyze modern communication systems in...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 3

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features 2 Port Vector Network Analyzer The VNA Master’s 2-port analyzer provides simultaneous measurement of S21 insertion loss and S11 return loss. 2 Port Vector Network Analyzer VNA Master features a 2-port Vector Network Analyzer to be able to test and verify the performance of feedline, filtering, and antenna components. This includes: • Connectors • Cables/Jumpers • Antenna Isolators • Multicouplers/Diplexers/Duplexers • Tower Mounted Amplifiers 2-port Transmission Measurements can help identify poor filter adjustment, antenna isolation, and degraded tower...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 4

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer The VNA Master MS203xB models feature the most powerful handheld spectrum analyzer in their class with unmatched performance in: • Sensitivity • • Phase Noise • Frequency Accuracy • The spectrum analyzer mode in the VNA Master MS203xB offers fast sweep speeds for interference hunting intermittent signals. Dynamic Range Sweep Speed The goal of Spectrum Analyzer measurements is to be able to accurately monitor, measure, and analyze RF signals and their environments. It finds rouge signals, measures carriers and distortion,...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 5

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features AM/FM/PM Modulation Analyzer (Option 509) Coverage Mapping (Option 431) AM/FM/PM Modulation Measurements The AM/FM/PM Option 509 displays the demodulated audio spectrum vs. frequency with AM (%), Deviation (kHz) or Deviation (rad) for AM/FM/PM, respectively. Option 509 AM/FM/PM Modulation Analyzer provides analysis and graphical display of common analog modulations. The RF Spectrum View displays the RF spectrum with carrier power (power in dB vs. frequency) along with center frequency, and occupied BW. Audio Spectrum shows the demodulated audio spectrum along...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 6

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Power Meter High Accuracy Power Meter (Option 19) Power Meters Power Sensors The VNA Master offers a standard built-in Power Meter utilizing the Spectrum Analyzer and an optional High Accuracy Power Meter when used with optional external power sensors. Properly setting the transmitter output power of a base station is critical to the overall operation of a wireless network. A 1.5 dB change in power levels indicates a 15% change in coverage area. Power Meter Built-in Power is displayed in an analog type display and, supports both watts and dBm. RMS averaging...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 7

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Interference Analyzer (Option 25) Channel Scanner (Option 27) Interference Analyzer (Option 25) Channel Scanner (Option 27) Interference is a continuously growing problem for wireless network operators. Compounding the problem are the many sources that can generate interference such as: • • Works on any signal and is useful when looking for IM or harmonics. Can help spot signals widely separated in frequency that turn on and off together. Unintentional Radiators • Channel Scanner Intentional Radiators Self Interference Interference causes...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 8

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Distance Domain Analysis (Option 501) Distance Domain (Option 501) Distance-to-Fault Analysis is a powerful field test tool to analyze cables for faults, including minor discontinuities that may occur due to a loose connection, corrosion, or other aging effects. By using Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR), the VNA Master sweeps a user-specified band of full power operational frequencies (instead of fast narrow pulses from TDR-type approaches) to more precisely identify discontinuities. The VNA Master converts S-parameters from frequency domain into distance...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 9

VNA Master MS202xB/3xB Features Line Sweep Tools and Master Software Tools (for your PC) Line Sweep Tools™ Line Sweep Tools increases productivity for people who deal with dozens of Cable and Antenna traces every day. User Interface Line Sweep Features Presets 7 sets of 8 markers and 1 limit line Next trace capability File Types Line Sweep Tools has a user interface that will be familiar to users of Anritsu’s Hand Held Software Tools. This will lead to a short learning curve. Marker and Limit Line Presets Marker and Limit Line presets allow quick checks of traces for limit violations....

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 10

Vector Network Analyzer Ports 1 & 2 External Reference Input External Trigger Input Spectrum Analyzer Input GPS Connector (optional) Date and Time Rotary Knob User-configured quad display features user-selectable Smith Chart, Log-Mag, VSWR, Real/Imaginary Impedance and new Polar Impedance displays. Quick-access Menu Key Directional Buttons Measurement Setting Summary Dual Function Keypad Battery Access Function Keys Soft Key Active Function Block Soft Keys MS2024/25B VNA Master Security Cable Slot (on back) USB (Mini-A) Cable Jack Battery Charger Socket 2x USB 2.0 (Type A) Jacks Vector...

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VNA Master MS20xxB - 11

TOUCHSCREEN MENU TOUCHSCREEN KEYBOARD The Menu Key activates the touchscreen menu for one button access to all of the Analyzers. A built-in touchscreen keyboard saves valuable time in the field when entering trace names. User defined shortcuts can be created for one-button access to commonly used functions. For Cable and Antenna Analysis, a Quick Name Matrix can be customized for quickly naming your line sweeps. TILT BAIL IS INTEGRATED INTO THE CASE FOR USER CONVENIENCE AND BETTER SCREEN VIEWING.

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