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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 1

Product Brochure MS4640B Series Family of RF to Microwave and Millimeter-wave Vector Network Analyzers with industry leading frequency span from 70 kHz to 1.1 THz

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 2

MS4640B Series Vector Network Analyzers Industry leading Frequency Span from 70 kHz to 1.1 THz Building on design experience of more than 40 years, Anritsu has now broken the RF barrier with the VectorStar MS4640B Series — spanning from 70 kHz to 70 GHz in a single connector and 70 kHz up to 110 GHz in the Broadband configuration, with options to 1.1 THz using mm-wave modules. The VectorStar VNA offers a new performance benchmark for S-parameter measurements of RF, Microwave, and Millimeterwave devices. Anritsu now provides RF and Microwave engineers a powerful measurement tool for...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 3

Key Features and Benefits Key Features Broadest frequency span from a single coaxial test port covering 70 kHz to 70 GHz in a single instrument and 70 kHz to 110 GHz in the Broadband configuration with options up to 1.1 THz using mm-wave modules • btain the most thorough and accurate broadband O device characterization • liminate the time consuming, error prone concatenation process E across the RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave bands • Decrease test instrument expenses • Reduce the risk of DC extrapolation errors in your device modeling Superior dynamic range: > 140 dB • Accurately...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 4

Application Ready Discover how you can get better measurement confidence with VectorStar™ Vector Network Analyzers in both R&D and manufacturing environments. VectorStar offers accuracy and precision as well as a variety of features and options to cover a wide range of measurements from S-parameter measurements on microwave filters to pulse distortion or noise figure measurements on mm-wave components for use in high-performance radar systems. Take advantage of the company that has been at the cutting edge of Vector Network Analyzers since 1965 to have measurement confidence on the cutting...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 5

Radar Bring your vision into resolution with VectorStar™ MS4640B VectorStar now with PulseView™ Anritsu’s newest VectorStar VNA gives you the tools to confidently characterize radar components and subsystems. With industry-leading performance, it can eliminate tradeoffs and limitations of prior test methods. Higher resolution, greater timing accuracy, and longer record lengths, coupled with a graphical set-up display, bring your vision into resolution. VectorStar MS4640B, with options 035 and 042 (PulseView), offers the most advanced architecture available in a VNA for radar pulse...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 6

On-Wafer The answer to your high-stability broadband on-wafer device characterization needs. VectorStar™ ME7838A Broadband VNA System — Don’t let expired calibrations spoil your data. The VectorStar ME7838A VNA delivers 122 dB dynamic range at 110 GHz for high-sensitivity measurements across 70 kHz to 110 GHz (up to 1.1 THz with mm-wave modules) with 0.1 dB and 0.5 degrees S21 stability over 24 hours. This stable broadband performance means you can make high accuracy measurements all day, with the confidence that your calibration remains rock solid! Spend less time calibrating and more time...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 7

Signal Integrity See the signal integrity of your design come through. VectorStar™ now with DifferentialView™. Today’s signal integrity engineers are challenged to meet high data rates, minimize costs, and close the loop of simulation and measurement. VectorStar MS4640B’s industry-leading low-frequency measurement capability, as low as 70 kHz, coupled with upper range as high as 70 or 110 GHz, ensure that simulation-busting DC extrapolation and causality issues are minimized and your simulations match reality. DifferentialView adds True Mode Stimulus (TMS) capability when you need it with...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 8

Components Confidence in measurement leads to confidence in component design. VectorStar for active and passive component applications — VectorStar MS4640B gives you the measurement capabilities you need to develop superior active and passive components. With the best VNA performance across the widest frequency bandwidth, and the best dynamic range below 2 GHz, the Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B Series helps R&D and production test engineers make better measurements faster and accelerate the design cycle. VectorStar provides full measurement capabilities across RF, microwave, millimeter and...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 9

DifferentialView™ Achieving Both Accuracy and Throughput for Broadband Measurements For active device and signal integrity engineers who need to measure differential devices and provide high quality results for use in simulation tools, VectorStar is a 4-port Vector Network Analyzer that provides the ability to perform True Mode Stimulus differential analysis from 70 kHz to 110 GHz with industry-leading accuracy and stability. Unlike solutions from other vendors whose products are based on a start frequency of 10 MHz with degraded results beginning below 1 GHz, the 4 port VectorStar provides...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 10

PulseView™ Pulse Measurements The Anritsu VectorStar MS4640B with options 035 and 042 (PulseView) offers the most advanced architecture available in a VNA for radar pulse measurements. It offers industry-leading performance that eliminates the tradeoffs and limitations of prior test methods. Higher resolution, greater timing accuracy, and longer record lengths coupled with a real-time display give you the performance and confidence needed to meet the most demanding radar pulse measurement requirements. VectorStar MS4640B Provides: • n innovative high-speed digitizer architecture A • he...

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VectorStar MS4640B Series VNA - 11

Time Domain Measurements The Time Domain Option (Option 002) allows you to display the performance of the device in the time or distance domain. It also provides a powerful ability to analyze the performance of the device at specific location points of interest. For instance, when analyzing connectors, the distance information provides an indicator of the quality of the connection at different locations within the connector. 70 kHz to 70 GHz Provides Unprecedented Resolution The unprecedented low-end frequency range of the VectorStar provides a unique opportunity when using Time Domain...

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