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Product Brochure Spectrum Master Compact Handheld Spectrum Analyzer Trace Mode Reference Level Reference Source Sweep Time

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 2

Anritsu Introduces its Next Generation Compact Spectrum Analyzer Easy-To-Use The new Spectrum Master leverages the user interface from Anritsu’s popular MS2721B analyzer, giving users intuitive spectrum analyzer menus. A touchscreen keypad combination provides you with an intuitive menu-driven interface designed to give a familiar menu structure with quick access to popular measurements. Key Facts • 9 kHz to 4 GHz (MS2712E) • 9 kHz to 6 GHz (MS2713E) • ne-button measurements: ACPR, Channel Power, O Field Strength, Occupied BW, AM/FM/SSB Demod The wireless communications market is rapidly...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 3

Integrated Measurement Capabilities Configuration Overview FUNCTION Locates and identifies various signals over a wide frequency range. Detects signals as low as -152 dBm with phase noise better than -100 dBc/Hz. Interference Analyzer (Option 25) Includes everything you need to monitor, identify, and locate interference using the spectrogram display, RSSI, Signal ID, signal strength meter, and interference mapping. Coverage Mapping (Option 431) Provides indoor and outdoor mapping capabilities of RSSI, and ACPR measurement levels. Provides location and UTC time information. Also improves the...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 4

External Reference USB Interface Mini-B Transfer data from Spectrum Master to PC External Trigger GPS Connector External Power RF Out Ethernet (available with Option 0020 Connection Tracking Generator) USB Interface Type A Connect USB Flash Card or External Power Sensor All connectors are conveniently located on the top panel, leaving the sides clear for handheld use. Save Icon Touch Screen Submenu Keys Fan Inlet Port Rotary Knob Arrow Keys Bright Display 8.4” Daylight Viewable Color Display Limit Lines Create Single & Multi-Segment Limit Lines Numeric Keypad Shift Menu Keys (1 To 9)...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 5

Convenient Soft Case and Tilt Bail Tilt Bails are integrated into the case and soft case for better screen viewing.

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 6

Best Performance in its Class Anritsu’s MS2712E and MS2713E Spectrum Master spectrum analyzers provide users with high-performance for field environments and for applications requiring mobility. There is no other spectrum analyzer in this class that can deliver the same performance. The combination of its performance and compact design makes it ideal for a broad range of activities, including spectrum monitoring, interference analysis, field strength measurements, transmitter spectrum analysis, electromagnetic field strength, signal strength mapping, and overall field analysis of cellular...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 7

Master Transmitter Testing Smart Measurements for Transmitter Systems Commonly needed transmitter measurements are built in and can be accessed easily. These include field strength, occupied bandwidth, channel power, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), and emission mask. Occupied Bandwidth This measurement determines the amount of spectrum used by a modulated signal. The Spectrum Master allows you to choose between two different methods of determining bandwidth: the percent-of-power method or the “x” dB down method. Adjacent Channel Power Ratio Adjacent Channel Power Ratio is a common...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 8

Master the Location of Interference As the wireless industry continues to expand, more diverse uses for the radio spectrum emerge, and the number of signals that may potentially cause interference is constantly increasing. Compounding the problem are the many sources that can generate interference, including intentional radiators, un-intentional radiators, and self interference. Interference causes Carrier-to-Interference degradation robbing the network of capacity. The goal of these measurements is to resolve interference issues as quickly as possible. Interference Analysis (Option 25) The...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 9

Pin Point Location of Interfering Signal with Interference Mapping Interference Mapping The Interference Mapping measurement eliminates the need to use printed maps and draw lines to triangulate the interfering signal. Using Map Master, it is easy to convert maps and make them compatible with the Spectrum Master. With a valid GPS signal, the instrument identifies the user location on the map. Using one of the recommended Anritsu Yagi antennas, you can identify the direction of the interfering signal and input the angle information with the rotary knob. With two or more lines from different...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 10

Indoor and Outdoor Coverage Mapping Solutions (Option 0431) There is a growing demand for coverage mapping solutions. Anritsu’s Coverage Mapping measurements option provides wireless service providers, public safety users, land mobile ratio operators, and government officials with indoor and outdoor mapping capabilities Outdoor Mapping With a GPS antenna connected to the instrument and a valid GPS signal, the instrument monitors RSSI and ACPR levels automatically. Using a map created with Map Master, the instrument displays maps, the location of the measurement, and a special color code for...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 11

Power Measurements for a Wide Range of Applications The Spectrum Master supports many different power measurements, including the channel scanner, high accuracy power meter, internal power meter, and channel power measurement. Channel Power Use Spectrum Master’s channel power measurement to determine the power and power density of a transmission channel. Using the built-in signal standard list, you can measure the channel power of a wide range of signals. Power Meter (Option 29) Spectrum Master’s internal power meter provides power measurements without any additional tools and is ideal for...

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Spectrum Master MS2712E/13E - 12

Passive and Active Tracking Generator Measurements Tracking Generator (Option 20) Spectrum Master’s Tracking Generator capability allows you to make gain, isolation and insertion loss measurements of passive and active devices such as filters, cables, attenuators, duplexers, and tower mounted amplifiers. The Tracking Generator can also be used to make antenna-to-antenna isolation meausrements and for repeater testing. The output power level can be varied from -50 dBm to 0 dBm in 0.1 dB steps. Tracking Generator Measurements Bias Tee (Option 10) The built-in bias tee can be turned on as...

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