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Product Brochure Precision RF & Microwave Components The Industry Leader for High Frequency Components and Thin Film Fabrication Services

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RF MEASUREMENT CHART Relative to Unity Reference SWR Reflection Coefficient • he first three columns are conversion tables for return loss, reflection coeffiT cient, and SWR. • he last four columns are values for nter ctions of a small phasor X with a T i a large phasor (unity reference) expressed in dB related to reference. The RF Measurement Chart can be used to determine the uncertainty due to bridge/autotester VNA directivity. The “X dB Below Reference” column represents the difference between the directivity and the measured reflection (return loss). The “ref + X dB” and “ref – X dB”...

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Measurement Components and Accessories High Return Loss Connectors and Cables RoHS Compliance: Some products are in transition towards RoHS compliance and will have a –R suffix at the time of your order. Please contact Anritsu for further details and the latest compliance status of a particular product. For further information about these products and more, contact us at 1-800-ANRITSU or visit

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OUTLINE OF PRECISION MEASUREMENT COMPONENTS Precision Components-Precision Measurements Coaxial and Waveguide to Coax Adapters Anritsu is a leader in the design and production of precision microwave components. A series of precision measurement adapters are available to adapt one connector type to another. Poor adapter VSWR (or poor return loss) can be a major source of measurement error and, therefore adapters, must be carefully selected. Anritsu precision adapters typically have 6-12 dB better return loss than competitive units. Waveguide-to-Coax Adapters are available to 110 GHz. •...

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Precision Step Attenuators Anritsu offers low loss, high precision step attenuators. These  programmable step attenuators are available with 10 dB steps from 0 to 70 dB or 0 to 110 dB ranges. DC to 40 GHz requency f range ensures the broadest attenuation and frequency coverage available. Contact Anritsu for needs above 40 GHz or for custom step sizes. Just as directivity is the principal error contributor in reflection measurements, the impedance match of the signal source and RF detector is a significant error contributor in transmission measurements. Precision Power Dividers and Splitters...

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Anritsu Microelectronics Fabrication Center Your Solution for Fabrication and Assembly Needs Anritsu Microelectronics Fabrication Center, conveniently located south of Silicon Valley in Morgan Hill, CA, includes an 8,000 sq. ft. class 100/10,000 clean room, a 25,000 sq. ft. RF/microwave assembly manufacturing facility, and a state-of-the-art machining center. We are proud to be your partner for thin film device fabrication, microelectronic assembly, packaging, and machining. Custom Thin Film Devices GaAs/lnP Optoelectronics Wafer Foundry MEMs Rapid Prototyping High-Volume, High-Quality...

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Services Brochure Anritsu Company is a global leader in RF/microwave test and measurement equipment for laboratories and ield applications. Markets Served • Telecommunications • Civil Aviation and Aerospace • Automotive QUICK DELIVERY • Defense • Biotechnology and Medical • Solar Microelectronic Manufacturing Assembly Equipment and capabilities Auto wedge bonder, SEM, acoustic microscope, eutectic die attach, epoxy die attach, gap welding, wedge bonding, tack bonding, ball bonding, sheet epoxy attach, non-conductive epoxy attach, hermetically sealed connector assembly, soldering (AuSn,...

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Shortened Male Pin Eliminates Damage to Female K Connector Visit for the latest information including installation instructions, outline drawings and .step files, and RoHS compliance status. K Connector® features • Excellent performance up to 40 GHz • Performance exceeding SMA below 18 GHz • Superior reliability • Compatibility with SMA, WSMA, and 3.5 mm • Complete testability on existing network analyzers • Components with -R suffix are RoHS compliant Compatibility The K Connector nterfaces electrically and mechanically with i 3.5 mm connectors, including SMA and 3.5 mm...

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EXTENDED-K CONNECTOR DC to 43.5 GHz Launcher design At the heart of the K Connector product line are the launchers. As their name implies, the launchers “launch” (make the t ransition) from a microwave circuit (microstrip, suspended substrate, stripline, or coplanar waveguide) to a coaxial c onnector and an outside transmission line. The key to aking m the transition without compromising electrical and mechanical objectives is the glass bead in the launcher assembly. * orce is measured in Newtons (N). F Return Loss Characteristics The new Extended-K connectors use the same factor as the...

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Note: All tools and fixtures can be used for Extended-K connectors. Evaluation kit 01-101A Evaluation Kit Kit contains one K120 25 cm Male/Male Cable Assembly, two K102F-R Female Sparkplug Launcher Connector Assemblies, two K104F-R Female Flange Launcher Connector Assemblies, five K100 Glass Beads, one 01-102A Test Fixture, one 01-104 Drill and Tap Set, five K110-1-R Microstrip Sliding Contacts, and all other parts and fixtures required to assemble launchers with or without sliding contacts. 01-118 K Connector® Cable Assembling Fixture Kit for K118 semi-rigid coaxial cable. 01-201...

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K CONNECTOR® DC to 40 GHz Launchers and cable connectors Coupling nut tightening torque Passivated stainless steel with heat-treated beryllium copper center conductors 0.000 to -0.13 mm for male and female connectors Temperature range K Male In-Line Cable Connector for 2.95 mm cable K101M-R DC-40 GHz EK101M-R DC-43.5 GHz For 2.18 mm cable K101M-085-R DC-40 GHz EK101M-085-R DC-43.5 GHz K Female 2-Hole Flange Launcher K103F-R DC-40 GHz EK103F-R DC-43.5 GHz K Male 2-Hole Flange Launcher K103M-R DC-40 GHz EK103M-R DC-43.5 GHz K Female Sparkplug Launcher Connector K102F-R DC-40 GHz EK102F-R...

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