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Product Brochure/Technical Data Sheet PIMBattery-operated Passive Intermodulation Analyzer Master MW82119A 40 Watts ™ Featuring Distance-to-PIM™ (DTP) The Fastest Way to Pinpoint the Source of PIM LTE 700 700 MHz

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PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer PIM Master™ Overview PIM Master™ Introduction Anritsu Company introduces the first battery-operated high power Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing solution for the major wireless standards in use around the world. PIM is a form of interference generated by passive components that are normally thought of as linear such as connectors, cable assemblies, filters and antennas. However, when subject to high RF power levels found in cellular systems, these devices can generate spurious signals that increase the receiver noise floor and reduce site...

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PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer PIM Master™ Overview PIM Level (dBm) vs. Distance (meter) Dynamic testing PIM Level (dBm) vs. Time (second) Distance-to-PIM™ (DTP) Distance-to-PIM (DTP) is similar to Distance-to-Fault (DTF), which Anritsu introduced in the Site Master™ in 1997 for identifying the location of impedance mismatches in a feed line. DTP quickly and accurately identifies the location of PIM faults inside the feed system as well as beyond the antenna. This capability eliminates the guesswork involved in isolating PIM sources and speeds site repairs. Up to 6 markers can...

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PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer PIM Master Passive Intermodulation Analyzer Features Power On Indicator Light Emergency Stop Button Menu Key Speaker Power Indicator LED Battery Charge LED Connector Panel on side Quick Name Matrix Arrow Keys Size: 350 mm x 314 mm x 152 mm (13.8 in x 12.4 in x 6.0 in) Lightweight: 9.0 kg to 12.2 kg (20 lb to 27 lb) depending on frequency option External Power Output LAN Dual USB Type A USB Mini-B Factory use only GPS Remote Access Tool for Tower Top Testing Connector Panel on the left side of MW82119A

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PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer PIM Report Generation and Certified Training Line Sweep Tools for Cable, Antenna, and PIM Analyses Line Sweep Tools (LST) is a post processing tool to manage and archive measured data from Anritsu’s cable & antenna analyzers as well as PIM analyzers. Measured PIM results from different frequency band PIM Analyzers as well as measured data from your SiteMaster™ can be combined together into a single, unified site report. In one report an operator can have all of the information needed to verify the integrity of an antenna system with the...

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PIM Master™ Specifications General Specifications All specifications and characteristics apply under the following conditions, unless otherwise stated: 1) After 5 minutes of warm-up time, where the instrument is left in the ON state; 2) All specifications subject to change without notice; 3) Typical performance is the measured performance of an average unit; 4) Recommended calibration cycle is 12 months. Measurements PIM vs. Time Noise Floor Distance-to-PIM Swept PIM Instrument Setup Parameters Frequency Amplitude Setup Limit Lines GPS DTP PIM Measurement Ranges RF Test Power Residual PIM...

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PIM Master™ Ordering Information Ordering Information Model Number MW82119A Description PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Analyzer Frequency Options (must order one, and one only) High Accuracy Power Meter (requires USB power sensor) GPS Receiver (requires GPS antenna) Standard Calibration to ISO 17025 and/or Z540.1 Premium Calibration to ISO 17025 and/or Z540.1 plus test data Description Soft Carrying Case, Screen Access Shoulder Strap Stylus with Coiled Tether Adapter, 7/16 DIN(f) to 7/16 DIN(m), 50 Ω (Connector Saver) Anritsu Software Tool Box for Handheld RF Instruments Disc...

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• United States Anritsu Company 1155 East Collins Boulevard, Suite 100, Richardson, TX, 75081 U.S.A. Toll Free: 1-800-267-4878 Phone: +1-972-644-1777 Fax: +1-972-671-1877 Via Elio Vittorini 129, 00144 Roma Italy Phone: +39-06-509-9711 Fax: +39-06-502-2425 • Canada Anritsu Electronics Ltd. 700 Silver Seven Road, Suite 120, Kanata, Ontario K2V 1C3, Canada Phone: +1-613-591-2003 Fax: +1-613-591-1006 • Sweden Anritsu AB Kistagången 20B, 164 40 KISTA, Sweden Phone: +46-8-534-707-00 Fax: +46-8-534-707-30 • Brazil Anritsu Electrônica Ltda. Teknobulevardi 3-5, FI-01530 Vantaa, Finland Phone:...

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