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Product Brochure Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C

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MT8821C - 2

Tomorrow's Wireless Test Capability Today The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C is designed for R&D into mobile devices (User Equipment: UE), such as smartphones, tablets and M2M/IoT modules. It builds on the technologies of its popular predecessor, the MT8820C used worldwide by UE and chipset vendors. It operates as a base station simulator using standard call processing sequences compliant with test standards to support a versatile test lineup, starting with RF tests. More Efficient RF Testing Supporting LTE-Advanced UE Measurement With the introduction of LTE-Advanced, wireless...

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MT8821C - 3

Wireless Communication Tester for LTE-Advanced UE Development LTE/LTE-Advanced W-CDMA/HSPA Cat-M/NB-IoT (Cat-NB1, 2) GSM/EGPRS TD-SCDMA/HSPA

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MT8821C - 4

Nex t- generation GUI with L arge Touch Panel Enhanced GUI for Efficient Operability Better operability and visibility have been achieved using an enhanced next-generation GUI and easy-to-use large touch panel. As well as operating screens by touching and swiping, easy operation is supported by one-touch switching between grouped/individual graph lists and results outline/detail displays. Further, the efficiency of complex setting work is improved by a parameter search function, bookmarking function for commonly used parameters, and a function for setting test parameters using one-touch button...

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MT8821C - 5

HELP Display Parameter Search Graph Screen

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MT8821C - 6

The Wireless Communication Tester for Future UE Development Easy 3GPP/3GGP2 RF measurement and flexible support for changing detailed test conditions Various fast RF calibrations offered by chipset vendors Tests of UE antenna characteristics Tests of UE power consumption Supports confirmation of dual-mode UE operation IP data throughput, Voice, and Video tests Tests of VoLTE voice/video echoback

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MT8821C - 7

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Features RF TRX Measurement 3GPP UE RF Measurement One-touch Settings and PASS/FAIL Judgment Until now, LTE CA measurements have required complex Component Carrier (CC) settings, making operation difficult, but the MT8821C integrates multiple related parameters settings into one operation, greatly simplifying each operation stage to reduce setting operations and time. The UE TRX characteristics must be evaluated for compliance with 3GPP/3GPP2 standards at chipset and UE development, evaluation, and acceptance testing by network operators, etc. UE...

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MT8821C - 8

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Features RF TRX Measurement (continued) Flexible Parameter Setting The MT8821C runs TRX measurements using parameters specified by the 3GPP/3GPP2 RF test standards. In addition, flexible parameter settings support both RF parametric and a range of protocol testing. Recent UE designs support multiple frequency bands, requiring a lot of time for RF calibration. With high-speed measurement supported by chipsets vendors, the MT8821C increases measurement efficiency by reducing time required for RF calibration. Segment Trigger Frequency change step High...

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MT8821C - 9

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Features Functional Testing Over The Air (OTA) Testing The UE TRX performance is affected by factors such as the antenna form and characteristics. The OTA test measures the total UE TRX performance using actual radio waves reaching the antennas. The MT8821C supports the various OTA vendor test system configurations in compliance with the 3GPP TS 34.114 and CTIA Total Radiated Power (TRP), and Total Radiated Sensitivity (TRS) test standards. Although one MT8821C unit can output up to 8 independent signals, DL 4CA 4×4 MIMO measurements require output of 16...

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MT8821C - 10

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Features Functional Testing (continued) Power Consumption Testing Battery power consumption is a key point in differentiating chipsets and smartphones. As well as supporting the GSMA-defined power consumption tests, the MT8821C also supports power consumption tests at the maximum IP data throughput. VoLTE Voice/Video Echoback Testing As VoLTE offering high-quality and low-latency voice calls becomes the de facto communications technology for recent UE, there is increasing demand for power consumption measurements during VoLTE calls as well as for...

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MT8821C - 11

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Configurations System Configurations/Options/Software Support Systems Main Frame Unit Options Basic Configurations W-CDMA GSM NB-IoT MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C-012 Parallel Phone Measurement Hardware MX882116C LTE Category M1 Measurement Software MX882117C NB-IoT Measurement Software MX882100C W-CDMA Measurement Software MT8821C-001 W-CDMA Measurement Hardware MT8821C-002 TDMA Measurement Hardware MX882112C-021 LTE-Advanced FDD DL CA Measurement Software MX882112C-022 LTE-Advanced FDD UL CA Measurement Software MX882112C-031...

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MT8821C - 12

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Panel Layout Front Panel Switches from remote control operation mode to local control mode. Turns on the power and illuminates green when MT8821C is operating (power on state). For connection to a handset used for voice call testing of Phone 1/2. Four USB 2.0 interface ports for connection to USB memory, mouse and keyboard. Functional ground terminal (electrostatic discharge). Displays MT8821C’s operation screen, in which you can set measurement parameters and view measurement results, by touch operation. Rotate: Moves the cursor and selects parameters....

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MT8821C - 13

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Panel Layout Rear Panel AC power inlet for the power cable. With automatic voltage switching: 100 V(ac) to 120 V(ac)/ 200 V(ac) to 240 V(ac). For remote control of Phone 1/2 of MT8821C, via GPIB. 23 Frame Trigger Output Connector 1/2* Output connectors for outputting frame-timing signals to an external device for Phone 1/2. Two USB 3.0 interface ports for connection to USB memory, mouse, and keyboard. 24 Event Trigger Output Connector 1/2* For remote control of Phone 1/2 of MT8821C, via 10/100/1000BASE-T. 25 Event Trigger Input Connector 1/2* 15...

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MT8821C - 14

Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C Specifications Frequency Output frequency range: 30 MHz to 3.8 GHz 30 MHz to 6.0 GHz (with MT8821C-019) Setting resolution: 1 Hz Accuracy: Depends on reference oscillator accuracy Output level Level range Main 1, 2: –140 to –10 dBm (Internal signal generator TX 1 output) Aux 1, 2, 3, 4: –125 to +5 dBm (Aux 2, 3, 4: With MT8821C-025, 026, 027 or with MT8821C-012, 028, 029, 030) Resolution: 0.1 dB Level accuracy 10°C to 40°C, After Cal Main 1, 2 Level: ≥–120 dBm, SG Input: Off When outputting from either of Main 1 or 2. Except effect of noise floor from...

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