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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 2

Excellent RF Performance Versatile Modulation Functions Built-in Dual RF Outputs* Supports Narrowband Digital as well as CW and Analog Modulations ! Dual RF* Wanted + interference wave Rx characteristics tests, Amp intermodulation characteristics evaluation, RF/LO signal source for Mixer evaluations. SSB Phase Noise Performance < –140 dBc/Hz (nom.) [100 MHz, 20 kHz offset] < –131 dBc/Hz (typ.) [1 GHz, 20 kHz offset] Output Level Setting Range Analog/Pulse Modulation Supports AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse modulation functions as well as option for expansion to dual internal modulation (AM/FM/ΦM) and single...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 3

Key Features Basic Performance Connections with External Equipment ● SSB Phase Noise Performance ● Remote Control Interfaces <–140 dBc/Hz (nom.) @100 MHz, 20-kHz offset, CW <–131 dBc/Hz (typ.) @1 GHz, 20-kHz offset, CW <–125 dBc/Hz (typ.) @2 GHz, 20-kHz offset, CW GPIB, Ethernet (1000BASE-T), and USB (Type B) interfaces on the rear panel offer versatile choices for operation by remote control. Two Type A USB2.0 connectors on each of the front and rear panels offer convenient connections for keyboard , mouse and USB memory. ● High Level Accuracy Absolute Level Accuracy: ±0.5 dB Linearity:...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 4

Basic Performance SSB Phase Noise <–140 dBc/Hz (nom.) @100 MHz, 20-kHz offset, CW <–131 dBc/Hz (typ.) @1 GHz, 20-kHz offset, CW <–125 dBc/Hz (typ.) @2 GHz, 20-kHz offset, CW *1: High Power Extension for 1stRF [Opt. 041] *2: High Power Extension for 2ndRF [Opt. 071] SSB phase noise is an important performance index for signal generators. For example, when using a signal generator for the following purposes, it is important to pre-confirm that the signal generator performance satisfies the measurement specifications. • Communications with narrow bandwidth of several kHz • CW interference...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 5

Level accuracy atOdBm —-Lower std rtev (1 Sigma) Frequency (MHz| lower std t£ev (lsigms) Relative level accuracy at 850 MHi initial power +10 rJBm EldpsL-d time (minutei}

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 6

High-speed Switching The MG3740A supports two RF outputs (1stRF/2ndRF) max. in one unit. Moreover, different frequencies can be set independently at 1stRF and 2ndRF. Not only different frequencies but also different levels and modulations can be set independently at each SG while each is tracking the other. The all-in-one MG3740A eliminates the need for two conventional signal generators when requiring wanted + interference waveforms for evaluating Rx signal characteristics, testing intermodulation characteristics of radio equipment and amplifiers, and generating RF/LO signals for...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 7

Expandability AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse Function USB Power Sensors [Sold separately] This option supports the following modulation functions as standard. Analog modulation (AM/FM/ΦM) is supported using both CW and internal modulation signals. Pulse modulation can be performed at any cycle or timing and also supports modulation using an external input signal. Up to two USB power sensors can be connected to the MG3740A to display the measurement results on the MG3740A screen. 0 to 10 dB (Exponential) • Modulation Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 50 MHz • Deviation: 0 to 40 MHz • Modulation Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 40...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 8

Operability Easy Touch-panel Operation Simply touching parts of the screen display with a finger fetches related function keys and numeric inputs, offering a fast and easy way of navigating through multilayer menus. Frequency Setting Level Setting AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse Function Power Meter Function Signal Flowcharts Frequency Channel Table The Hardware Block Chart provides an intuitive at-a-glance understanding of the settings and signals for each block (Analog Mod, Pulse Mod, Local, etc.) Sometimes frequencies need setting by Channel No. The built-in frequency channel table where frequencies are...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 9

Connection with External Equipment Remote Control Interfaces The MG3740A has GPIB, Ethernet and USB interfaces as standard, supporting the following functions: • Control all functions, except power switch • Read all status conditions and settings • Interrupts and serial polls While in the Local status, the interface is determined automatically by the communication start command from the external controller (PC). To change the interface, put the MG3740A into the Local status again by pressing the Local key on the front panel and then send a command via the desired interface. The two type-A...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 10

Analog Radio Rx Characteristics Tests Setup for analog radio Rx characteristics tests The MG3740A outputs RF signals for radio operation verification tests and evaluation of Rx characteristics, when the radio AF output can be measured with an external audio analyzer. Large Measurement Margin Cuts Costs Stable Measurements Dual RF outputs Cuts Workload ● High-Purity Signal Source for Testing Analog Radio Supports SSB Phase Noise Performance –140 dBc/Hz nom. (@100 MHz) Phase noise performance affects measurement results at narrow bandwidths of several kHz. In particular, high phase-noise...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 11

Reference Signal Generator for Evaluating Characteristics of Amplifiers, Mixers, etc. Isolator Setup for evaluating intermodulation characteristics of amplifier Setup for evaluating distortion characteristics of Mixer The dual RF outputs of the MG3740A are ideal for evaluating intermodulation (IM3) characteristics of amplifiers, etc., as well as for use as RF/LO signal sources for testing mixers, eliminating the need for two separates signal generators. The high-performance MS269xA Signal Analyzer series is recommended for intermodulation and harmonic wave distortion measurements. Cuts...

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MG3740A Analog Signal Generator - 12

Expansion to Digital Modulation Signal Generator The MG3740A Analog Signal Generator can be expanded to add digital modulation generation functions, supporting evaluation of digital public safety radio systems. All-in-one support for both analog and digital tests maximizes equipment investment efficiency. Adding the digital modulation option [Opt. 020] supports generation of digital modulation signals by outputting narrowband digital modulation signals. Digital Modulation Performance • RF Modulation Bandwidth : 2 MHz • Sampling Rate : 20 kHz to 8 MHz This option installs a BER measurement...

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