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Importance of Conformance Tests To meet users' needs, mobile terminals are evolving from GSM (2G) to W-CDMA/CDMA2000 (3G) to LTE (3.9G). The 3GPP standards for manufacturing and conformance tests support this progress. Network problems caused by non-compliant terminals at new service rollout are not permissible. 3G usage was limited in the early days due to limited service areas but now 3G is the global mainstream due to user demand and technology innovation. As a result, conformance tests have become much more important in assuring mobile terminals meet the standards. The ME7873L LTE RF...

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Conformance Test Function Test Function Options Operating Band Operating Band Options FDD Band WI-139 Tool Kit WI-150 Tool Kit WI-151 Tool Kit Performance Measurement 4 × 2 MIMO Measurement LTE to/from UMTS InterRAT LTE to/from TD-SCDMA InterRAT Non-CT Function Test Function Options Standard Functions R&TTE Measurement Temperature Chamber Control DC Power Supply Control Band13 Supplementary Band17 Supplementary SV-LTE Measurement World First LTE RF Conformance Test System Achieves 80% GCF Test Platform Approval Anritsu’s ME7873L received this GCF validation milestone for the initial group...

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RF/RRM Conformance Test System Supporting Most and First GCF*1/PTCRB*2 Approved TCs*3 Supporting Most and First GCF/PTCRB Approved Test Cases Supports Global Mobile Terminals This GCF/PTCRB-compatible test platform targets the most and first Test Cases approved at quarterly GCF/PTCRB meetings. It uses the MD8430A Signalling Tester as a LTE base station simulator, and is configured from various test instruments and dedicated software. It supports RF/RRM tests while communicating with LTE mobile terminals. Not only are GCF/PTCRB-approved Bands planned for use in Europe and North America fully...

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Focus on Improving Test Efficiency, Measurement Stability and Reliability Continuous Testing of Multiple Terminals Improve Reliability using Correction Function Since the standard system configuration has four RF interfaces, it can test up to four terminals continuously. Fully automated testing of multiple terminals is supported by DC power supply and serial control line auto-switching. System measurement stability and reliability are improved by the following three calibration and correction methods: Control via Networks The PC server in the rack can be operated remotely over a network....

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Convenient Functions for Wide Range of Applications A Wide Range of Versatile Functions Supporting Every Step from R&D Through to Final Evaluation of LTE Mobile Terminals. Easy Sequence Creation and Editing The creation and editing procedure is as easy as selecting the test case to measure from the task pane (below) and clicking [Insert] to create the sequence. Select the created test case and double click [Schedule] at the screen bottom left to display detailed parameters. The measurement frequency and channel bandwidth can be changed here too. At-a-glance Measurement Results Histogram The...

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Measurement Log Analysis MD8430A Signalling Tester measurement logs are saved automatically for detailed checking and troubleshooting with standard log viewer software. Measured Data Management Measurement results are confirmed at the Measurement Result screen and saved either as HTML for easy confirmation or as XML/ CSV for easy database management. Moreover, HTML report files are linked to the signalling logs for each measurement, cutting search times for required information. Measurement Report (HTML)

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ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System Input and Output connector Max. input level Reference oscillator Frequency range Temperature range Power supply (rating) Dimensions Mass EMC LVD Basic calibration at acceptance inspection must meet this requirement. Use in air-conditioned room recommended for stable measurement. *2: Power consumption Sufficient power (600 VA) for basic calibration at acceptance inspection as well as for ME7873L must be supplied. *3: Topple prevention Secure using hooks at rack top recommended. *4: Mass/Floor Loads The installation location must be able to safely bear...

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Ordering Information Please specify the model/order number, name and quantity when ordering. The names listed in the chart below are Order Names. The actual name of the item may differ from the Order Name. Name Main frame LTE RF Conformance Test System Configuration items Signalling Tester Signal Analyzer Synthesized Signal Generator Vector Signal Generator Vector Signal Generator Wideband Power Meter Thermal Sensor Fading Simulator W-CDMA Signalling Tester Signalling Tester Radio Communication Analyzer RF Interface Unit Filter Unit RF Switch Driver Unit RF Combiner Unit Additional Filter...

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ME7873L LTE RF Conformance Test System - 10

Name −Frequency Band Options− (without RRM Test Function) 3GPP Band I Addition 3GPP Band II Addition 3GPP Band III Addition 3GPP Band IV Addition 3GPP Band V Addition 3GPP Band VI Addition 3GPP Band VIII Addition 3GPP Band IX Addition 3GPP Band XI Addition 3GPP Band XIX Addition (with RRM Test Function) 3GPP Band I Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band II Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band III Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band IV Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band V Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band VI Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band VIII Addition (Including RRM) 3GPP Band IX Addition...

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In addition to the above-described accessories, the following items are required to use the ME7873L. The following models are required when controlling the power supply using the ME7873L. Model N6700B N6732B∗2 N6709A Name Main Frame 8 V, 6.25 A, 50 W DC Power Module Low-Profile MPS Mainframe Rack Mount Kit Manufacturer Agilent Technologies Inc. ∗1: Four modules are required when testing up to four mobiles continuously. ∗2: At rack mounting, the maximum current is 2 A. To draw more than 2 A of current, use a separate cable to supply DC to the terminal. However, since this will prevent rack...

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Specifications are subject to change without notice. • United States Anritsu Company 1155 East Collins Blvd., Suite 100, Richardson 700 Silver Seven Road, Suite 120, Kanata, Anritsu Eletronica Ltda. Praga Amadeu Amaral, 27 - 1 Andar 01327-010 - Bela Vista - Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil Av. Ejercito Nacional No. 579 Piso 9, Col. Granada • United Kingdom 200 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3LU, U.K. 12 avenue du Quebec, Batiment Iris 1- Silic 612 91140 VILLEBON SUR YVETTE, France Anritsu GmbH Nemetschek Haus, Konrad-Zuse-Platz 1 Via Elio Vittorini 129, 00144 Roma, Italy Kistagangen 20B,...

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