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smartphone development?

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The difficult and time-consuming task of setting up the test environment and executing the large number of application test cases.

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How can you streamline the testing process for so many mobile types?

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Use a base station simulator that is easy to setup and supports a wide range of radio technologies.

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Here's the Base Station Simulator Supports Global UE Networks with One Unit Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a next-generation wireless communications standard driving the rollout of new smartphones. It is a faster technology based on the earlier W-CDMA and CDMA2000 communications technologies and will help support a great variety of smartphone applications. The MD8475A Signalling Tester is a base station simulator reproducing communications between base stations and mobiles. It supports the full range of communication standards including LTE, as well as the Anritsu SmartStudio user interface,...

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that Answers Your Questions Supports LTE and Earlier Communications Technologies All the world's main communications technologies, including triple-system LTE/W-CDMA/ GSM mobiles and TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/GSM as well as LTE/CDMA2000 hybrids, can be tested using the all-in-one MD8475A (requires installation of optional units and software for each standard). SmartStudio: Scenario-less Test Environment Cuts Evaluation Times time-consuming creation of complex scenarios, the MD8475A SmartStudio interactive user interface eliminates the need to create scenarios, smoothing terminal testing. Built-in IMS...

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"SmartStudio", It Changes the Smartphone PDN Information y PPP Information y Sequence Log ^Message Progress Time System BTS Direction Message

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Test Environment Supports Versatile Smartphone Tests UETx Power Cell Barred Access Class Barred Uplink Target Power De Duplex Mode E-UTRA Band Transmission Mode Scheduling Mode Packet Rate Best Effort E-UTRA Band Complex tests of multifunction smartphones are supported by the all-in-one MD8475Awith interactive SmartStudio interface. Verifies correct mobile settings between neighboring base stations. Simulates emergency notifications, such as earthquake early warning, which are hard to test on live networks. Tests basic voice and\ standard services (VoLTE) starting soon. Details of the...

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Applications Flexible Base Station Settings Base station settings are essential for testing terminal connections. Not only does SmartStudio support frequency band and TRx power settings, it can also be set to behave exactly as a base station. Setting Base Station Parameters Cell Parameter Settings Base Station Power Setting Up to 32 base station parameters can be saved in one file to prevent setting errors and assure fast, smooth testing when making slight changes to frequency and bandwidth before retesting. The Tx/Rx power of the base station can be changed during testing to simulate....

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Configuring 2-Cell Test Environment Performing tests between smartphone systems (handover tests) usually requires set-up of several measuring instruments and creation of complex scenarios. SmartStudio eliminates these problems by providing a simple test environment for fast and efficient testing. Configuring 2-Cell Test Environment Handover Test One MD8475A supports up to two RF tests and SmartStudio simplifies settings for multi-system environments. SmartStudio runs tests at any time when testing between two selected systems. Selection Reselection Redirection Measurement* PS Handover Two...

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Data Packet Communications Data packet communication environments are complex, but SmartStudio makes it easy to resolve troublesome packet bottlenecks, shortening evaluation times. Popular Server Environment Status Evaluation Because the MD8475A runs Windows 7, commercial application servers can be easily installed. A line of function tools can be used to check communication status, including throughput, ACK/NACK counts, and RF monitor. Simultaneous checking of multiple layers allows quick troubleshooting during data communications. Throughput Monitor* Checks data communications each layer...

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Voice over LTE Tests Since LTE uses the data network, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) communications also use the data network; SmartStudio simplifies VoLTE tests. Loopback Test of VoLTE 2 Smartphone Tests of VoLTE The SmartStudio CSCF function supports VoLTE tests (AMR/ W-AMR Codec etc.) in the loopback mode. In addition to an IMS server, VoLTE tests require a variety of LTE settings about Multi PDN. Not only does SmartStudio support multiPDN*1, but it it also supports packet filter and QoS settings. Voice over LTE can be tested between two LTE mobiles in both directions using two MD8475A units to...

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IMS Service test SmartStudio has a built-in standard server environment for running IMS server functions for easy service tests, including VoLTE, SMS over IMS, etc. Regular Terminal SIP Attach Typical Connection Procedure 1. S Attach: Connect to Data server. P → Get address using DNS, etc. 2. IP Regist: S → Depends on application. Typical Connection Procedure 1. MS Attach: Connect to CSCF server using SIP. I → CSCF Server connects continuously. 2. acket Communication: Connect to Data server via IMS Core. P → Data communications after SIP registration completed. ⇒ Consequently, two or more...

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IMS Server Option MX847570A-080 Extended CSCF Option MX847570A-081 IMS Supplementary Service Option Various conditions can be set for VoLTE quasi-normal and abnormal tests. Moreover, the check of a mail arrival function and the check of a cutting function are attained to SmartStudio to a VoLTE terminal. This option adds functions for simulating VoLTE caller ID, call transfer and call hold. Various CSCF and XCAP service settings as well as supplementary service functions can be set. ● Virtual UA Calling/Release VoLTE calling from the SmartStudio simulated terminal (Virtual UA) is supported....

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Creating Environment for Difficult Tests on Live Network Some terminal tests cannot be run on a commercial live network and are difficult on a test network. SmartStudio makes it easy to support these tests. Barred Call and Emergency call Tests Attach Reject ● Access Class Control Sometimes, carriers limit access at events where there are too many people trying to call at once or during abnormally busy times like New Year. The SmartStudio can configure an access control test environment, which is difficult to do on a live network. ● Emergency Call Test Obviously, emergency calls cannot be...

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