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BERTWave™MP2100B - 1

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 3

All-in-One 4ch BERT (12.5 Gbit/s max.) + Sampling Oscilloscope Supported Applications • InfiniBand (SDR, DDR, QDR), Fibre Channel (1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 10G, 10G FEC) • 1 GbE, 2 GbE, 10 GbE (WAN, LAN), XAUI (3.125 Gbit/s), 40 GbE (10 Gbit/s × 4) • CPRI (× 1, × 2, × 4, × 5, × 8, × 10), OBSAI (RP3, RP3 × 2, RP3 × 4, RP3 × 8) • OC-3 to OC-192/STM-1 to STM-64, OC-192/STM-64 FEC (ITU-T G.975), OTU-1, OTU-2, OTU-1e, OTU-2e • CFP, CXP, QSFP/QSFP+, SFP/SFP+, XFP, Active Optical Cable

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 4

All-in-One 4ch BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses Increasing the number of channels can greatly shorten measurement times for QFSP+ modules that might otherwise require long measurement times. The all-in-one sampling oscilloscope with integrated BERT simplifies measurement system configuration and control to support simultaneous BER measurement and EYE pattern analysis, cutting measurement times by about 40% in comparison to combinations of separate instruments. Furthermore, the BERTS expandability to 4ch supports simultaneous error measurement for all QSFP+ module channels, cutting...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 5

Flexible Measurement System Configurations Conventional measurement systems use a BERT as the signal source and a sampling oscilloscope for Eye pattern analysis in separate cabinets, which is complex. Incorporating the BERT and sampling oscilloscope into one MP2100B set offers an easy to configure measurement system. Switch Low Efficiency and Time Consuming The MP2100B uses a BERT Channel ranking function to support batch setting and measurement of up to 4ch. Additionally, it has a built-in standard function for batch capture of measurement results. As a result, it greatly shortens 40 GbE (10...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 6

Clock Recovery Function ED Clock Recovery Function (Standard Function) BER Analysis is supported by inputting the Data signal without requiring an external Clock. Troubleshooting is made easier because waveform data component analysis can be performed using the mean, standard error, and scatter within the set data distribution. Eye/Pulse Scope Clock Recovery Function (Option 053, 054, 055) • Frequency range: 8.5 Gbit/s to 12.5 GHz, 0.1 Gbit/s to 2.7 GHz This function can be used for evaluating optical characteristics such as long-distance transmission equipment without Clock output. Time...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 7

40 Gbit/s QSFP+ (10 Gbit/s × 4) Measurement Scope Eye pattern analysis 4ch Parallel PPG Optical switch Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B Optical Attenuator Reference Optical Light Source 40 Gbit/s QSFP + Measurement Items ■ Transmitter Tr/Tf, Jitter, Mask Margin, etc. • Average Output Power • OMA • Extinction Ratio Shorter Test Times with Simultaneous BER and Waveform Measurements Multichannel optical modules such as QSFP+ are being deployed in data centers to cope with the explosive increase in data traffic. With a built-in 4ch BERT, the MP2100B supports simultaneous measurement of all...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 8

AOC (Active Optical Cable) Measurement PON Device BOB (BOSA On Board) Evaluations Optical Interface ● Simultaneous Required Measurements PON Transmission Equipment Measurement Items ■ ye Pattern E ● Detailed Jitter Analysis Tr/Tf, Jitter, Mask Margin, etc. Simple Test System using Clock Recovery Commonly, transmission equipment does not output a trigger signal, but since the MP2100B has a built-in Clock Recovery option, a waveform monitoring system can be configured using only the MP2100B. Shorter Test Time using High-Speed Mask Margin Measurement The MP2100B has a new Fast Sampling Mode...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 9

List of Interface Option Configurations Interface BERTWave MP2100B BERTS Function Differential Electrical Input List of Option Configuration by Application Application Option 021/023 Sampling Oscilloscope #1 Filter Bank Clock Recovery Electrical Waveform Monitoring Clock Recovery Electrical Waveform Monitoring Oscilloscope Function Optical Signal Eye Pattern Analysis Crosstalk Test Wide bandwidth Variable BER Measurement SFP+ Slot Electrical Signal Eye Pattern Analysis Sync. Generator Optical (SFP+ Slot) Jitter Analysis Option 053/054/055* Clock Recovery *: For details, refer to Clock...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 10

BERTWave MP2100B Selection Guide Configuration List Model Number Model Name Dual Electrical Scope Optical and Single-ended Electrical Scope* SFP+ Slot This can be selected only when Option 011, 012, or 014 is installed. Clock Recovery (External Input) Clock Recovery (Optical Data) Clock Recovery (with BER Measurement) This can be selected only when Option 021 or 023 is installed. Select any one of following options as necessary. Option 053 can be used only when the oscilloscope option is installed. Option 054 can be used only by optical signal clock recovery. Option 055 can be used only...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 11

BERTWave MP2100B Selection Guide Filter Bank Configuration Table Filter Bank and Filter Set (622M/1.2G/2.5G/4.2G/6.2G/Multi 10G) Filter Bank and Filter Set (4.2G/5.0G/6.2G/ Multi 10G) Filter Bank and Filter Set (156M/622M/1.2G/2.5G) Up to four can be selected. Up to three can be selected. Low Rate Filter Bank Multi Rate Filter Bank High Rate Filter Bank Filter Bank High Bit Rate Filter Filters can be selected as described below only when installing Option 023. 1. Select one of the Option 063/065/069 (Filter Bank) options, and one or more filter options. 2. Select one of the Option...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 12

11 Optical Transceiver Slot 12 Optical Transceiver Tx Signal Input Connector 13 Optical Transceiver Rx Signal Output Connector 4 Disk Access LED, Standby LED, Power LED 14 Error Detector Input Connector Connect to wrist strap to prevent static electricity hazards 12.1-inch touch panel display Changes settings by turning knob 6 Optical Input Connector Used when Option 023 selected 7 Sampling Oscilloscope Trigger Input Connector Used when Option 021 or 023 selected 8 Clock Recovery Unit Output Connector Used when Option 053, 054 or 055 selected 9 Sync Pulse Output Connector Used when Option...

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BERTWave™MP2100B - 13

17 External Clock Input Can be used when Option 011/012/014 selected Can be used when Option 011/012/014 selected Can be used when Option 030 selected 20 Power Input Connector Back Panel 22 Monitor Output (DVI-I) 23 Ethernet Left Side Panel

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