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Tube Brushes Product Description Tube Brushes is commonly used in hydraulic valve internal control deburring, cylinder liner piston internal control polishing, steel drum cleaning, test tube cleaning, boiler removal of dirt, metal parts internal hole deburring etc. 1. Tube Brush, as a new brush product. It is often used in the deburring of the groove in the hydraulic cutting hole, the deburring of the cross hole, the deburring of the air conditioner refrigerator (compressor), the deburring of the cylinder, the engine spare parts, Machining, in-hole machining, brake boring; it is also suitable for the polishing of some round, cone, and venturi holes. The spherical brush can quickly and easily handle the surface treatment of cylinders, valves, lumens and pipes of various shapes and sizes. 2. Pipe Brushes can clean the sides and top of the pipe, so it has an indelible mark in medical treatment or pipes. Brush can be made of Nylon, steel, copper, abrasive, piglet, etc., and we can customize size according to your request. ANHUI UNION BRUSH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD |

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