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TOOL SHARPENING ABRASIVE BRUSH ►►► Application of passivate abrasive brush in polishing and passivating of cutting tools: passivate abrasive brush can be applied to various cutting tools, especially hard alloy cutting tools. Based on that grade of rounding, the processing process can be generally controlled within 1-20 minutes and the degree of passivation is controlled within p grade. During the process of edge passivation, polishing of cutting grooves will also be completed synchronously. Compared with other passivation processes, using passivating abrasive brush to passivate cutting tools will keep the passivation effect of your cutting tools highly consistent, and the surface of the cutting tool will be more perfect. For coated cutting tools, the roughness of the cutting groove and the surface of the cutting tool can be significantly decreased by treatment for 530 minutes before coating, and the cutting edge is passivated at the same time. Thus, the adhesion of the coating on the cutting edge of the cutting tool can be effectively improved, the probability of chipping can be significantly decreased, and the service life of the cutting tool can be prolonged. During the processing of forming the cutting tool, the cost advantage is more obvious by reason of the doubling of the service life of the cutting tool, and the cutting groove can achieve a perfect We are not only a brush roller manufacturer, but more of a service provider of brush roller technology.

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The brush roller of BP-MX passivating machine can rub and passivate the blade edge and polish the dialogue surface at the same time.

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