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Sponge Suction Roller Product Description Sponge suction roller is made of PVA foamed sponge with high-density hydrophilic molecules. The micropores link to each other, so it has good water absorption, fast drying, and good corrosion resistance. It is ideal for removing surface moisture. It is widely used in the cleaning, pressure, water absorption and dehydration processes of glass products, steel plates, aluminum plates and other industries. Water droplets on the surface of the product can be dried thoroughly and quickly. The material is generally PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) foamed sponge; the specification is: diameter (ф5–ф100) outer diameter (within ф250) (L10–L2000), etc., which can be customized according to different size specifications. ANHUI UNION BRUSH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD | neroha@industrialbrus

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