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<<< NONWOVEN ROUE Non-woven brush roller is used for cleaning, deoxidation, satin finish, polishing and burr removal of metal materials and strip sheets. We are not only a brush roller manufacturer, but more of a service provider of brush roller technology.

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Application object: Advantages of nonwoven product: Diameter: 152 MM - 406 MM Steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Surface width: 508 MM - 2032 MM copper alloy, special metals, surface treatment, including cleaning, deoxidization, polishing, burr removal and surface treatment in wood industry. Main functions: © It does changes the geometry of the workpiece. © It increases corrosion resistance of the surface © It enlarges the surface and provides the best adhesion quality for subsequent coatings. 0 Abrasive is uniform and can repeatedly act on the workpiece surface. ©...

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