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Flexible Honing Brush For Polishing Product Description Flexible Honing Brush for Polishing, also known as soft grindstone brush. It is suitable for the grinding of various types of cylindrical parts. The metal surface treated by the Flexible Honing Brush for Polishing is unmatched by other tools. The entire process consists of a complete set of treatments that are geometrically aligned with the surface of the object for metallographic organization. The treated surface is completely free of any scratches, tears, or folded metal. Whether you need cross-hole grinding, surface treatment or edge grinding, the soft grindstone tool must have one for you. Whether it is used in the field of automobile production, aviation, navigation or other industrial fields, the soft grindstone has improved the use effect and service life so product qualification rate of the products has been largely lifted. The soft grindstone tool removes the ridges and other ridges from the barrel wall to create a satisfactory surface finish. Therefore, the soft grindstone treated surface can reduce local overheating or excessive friction, thus resulting better quality. ANHUI UNION BRUSH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD | neroha@industrialbrush.cn

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