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METALLURGICAL INDUSTRY ►►►BRUSH ROLLER FOR IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY Brush roller is suitable for cleaning and abrading of deep processing production lines of galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, silicon steel plate, tin plate, color coated plate, aluminum plate, copper plate and other plates and strips, such as: cleaning and abrasive brush roller of continuous galvanizing unit, continuous annealing unit, degreasing unit, stainless steel pickling unit, aluminum plate straightening unit. The main production processes can be divided into two types: press plate type and spiral type. Brush wire materials include abrasive brush wire, nylon brush wire, metal brush wire, etc.

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Brush For Metallurgical Industry - 2

Sheet Combined Brush Boiler Sheet brush block Sheet brush block We are not only a brush roller manufacturer, but more of a service provider of brush roller technology.

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Brush For Metallurgical Industry - 3

Structural design of brush roller: outer diameter of brush roller, length of brushing and method of bristle planting r-' Selection of brush wires k_. Outside diameter of brush roller Selection of brush wires: the material of brush wires is selected based on the use environment and use effect of the production line to achieve the purpose of optimal use of brush rollers; the material of brush wires is roughly divided into: A, nylon Bilon brush wire; B, abrasive brush wire (silicon carbide Sic, alumina Ao), and domestic or imported brands (Hotani, DuPont, Hahi, Toray) can be selected; Nylon...

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Brush For Metallurgical Industry - 4

Owing to the rapid development of industrial technology, copper plates and strips, as the basic material of modern industry, are used more and more widely, and their surface requirements are also getting higher and higher. In the passing years, nylon brush roller and abrasive wire brush roller are widely used in the processes of cleaning, degreasing, roller cleaning, polishing, etc. of copper and aluminum plates and strips. Non-woven fabric roller is used to remove oil and water, which makes the surface quality of plates and strips achieve a qualitative leap. COPPER PLATE AND STRIP INDUSTRY...

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Brush For Metallurgical Industry - 5

Nylon brush roller ALUMINUM PLATE AND STRIP INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Selection of Brush Roller in Production of Aluminum Plates and Strips; □ Stretch bending straightening cleaning machine Nylon brush roller is commonly used in the processes of cleaning, degreasing, roller cleaning and polishing of aluminum plates and strips. Due to the characteristics of aluminum plates and strips, the selection of nylon brush wire is relatively strict. At present, nylon brush wires commonly used in aluminum plate and strip industry are divided into nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 610, nylon 1010, nylon 612 and other...

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Brush For Metallurgical Industry - 6

Non-woven fabric brush roller E Non-woven fabric roller is used to remove oil from aluminum plates and strips, and the surface of plates and strips is qualitatively changed by water removal process. The non-woven cloth brush roller is made of special non-woven cloth sintered into a cylindrical structure by a special process, and then pressed onto a steel shaft to form a non-woven cloth roller, which is different from the traditional rubber roller and steel roller. The biggest characteristic of the non-woven cloth brush roller is that it adopts a special non-woven cloth with a net structure...

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